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Beyond the beach, La Libertad is an important commercial center – thanks mostly to the port – with more energy, souped-up buses and loud-mouthed touting than you’d expect for a town of such modest proportions. Most travelers bypass it for the more chilled-out beaches to the west, or the Deininger national park to the east, but it’s an ideal stop to stock up on supplies, or to experience a midsize, working-class Salvadoran city within minutes of your hammock.

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$76.25 Classes & Workshops

La Libertad Surf Lesson from San Salvador

After personalized hotel pickup, head south for about 40 minutes to El Sunzal beach (commonly referred to as El Tunco), one of many top surfing spots in La Libertad, the western surfing zone in El Salvador. Warm waters and consistent point-break waves off of El Sunzal make it a favorite among local weekend warriors. El Sunzal also has seen international surfing competitions. Upon arrival at the beach, meet your instructor, a professional surfer certified by Salvadoran Surfing Federation, who will pair you with a longboard. Your private lesson lasts about two hours. On the beach, follow your instructor’s directions about the proper techniques for paddling and popping up on your board. Listen to the rules of surfing etiquette, designed to keep everyone in the water safe, and learn how to wipe out harmlessly, which may come in quite handy. Time to hit the silvery surf! Fasten your ankle strap and hop on your board; then paddle out from the beach with your heart racing and eyes peeled out for your first wave. Feel confident with the support of your instructor right there with you in the water, showing you where to be, when to paddle and when to pop up. If you need it, you’ll be given a little push from the back of your board to help you catch as many waves as possible. Shout out ‘Akaw!’, old-school surf slang, when spotting your perfect wave.This lesson is tailored to your skill level; if you are a novice, your instructor will make sure you don’t go anywhere near the bigger waves. If you are at a more advanced level, your instructor can provide advice on how to read waves, turn and ride the larger ones. Try your best to slide into ‘tube’ waves, which in these waters can travel a distance of more than 200 feet (61 meters) before breaking upon rocks along the coastline. At the end of your lesson, rehydrate with provided drinks and work with the surfboard at your own pace. Or just relax if you got your exercise in for the day. Before hopping back in your private vehicle to return to your hotel, take one last glance at the dark sands of El Sunzal beach, where you rode the same waters as some of the best surfers in the world.

$62.50 Day Trips & Excursions

Day at the beach tour : El Zunzal and el Tunco from San Salvador

Enjoy the sun, the beach and get to know more about Salvadorian culture.This tour will take you to visit the world famous Playa El Tunco, where surfers from around the world come to practice in the surf all year round. The warm waters and waves throughout the year make this destination unique. It also offers you a view of the active life that you will see in the village. You can take a surf lesson and feel the excitement for yourself.Later, you'll stop at a beach club where you can enjoy the views, the pool and the seafood.On the return trip, you'll stop at La Libertad Fishermans Wharf to see the locals in daily life or perhaps enjoy some ceviche.

$150 Tours & Sightseeing

Surf Layover Trip in El Salvador

We start with your airport pickup at the SAL airport or at a hotel in San Salvador city.Next, we'll drive approximately 45 minutes to the surf beaches of La Libertad to begin your lesson.All lessons are provided by our ISA- and Red Cross-certified surf instructors. The lesson is 2-3 hours, starting with an on-land surf theory lesson and then we practice the theory in water. The lesson its tailored for every skill set. We will cover the basics of surfing, surf etiquette, safety tips, paddling, standing up and riding the waves. After your surf session and depending on the time of your departing flight, you'll enjoy free time on the beach. We will then bring you back to the airport or city hotel, ready for your next flight to your final destination. This is a great trip to get a taste of what it's like to surf in El Salvador. 

$49 Transfers & Ground Transport

El Tunco Beach and Surrounding to El Salvador Airport

Enjoy a stress-free end to your San Salvador vacation with a private transfer from the beautiful beaches of La Libertad to Monseñor Óscar Arnulfo Romero International Airport (El Salvador International Airport).Travel in the space and comfort of a private vehicle, and skip the shared shuttles. This transport service is available during daytime hours, seven days a week.

$35 Classes & Workshops

La Libertad Surf Lesson from San Salvador

After breakfast you will be picked up in the morning or in the afternoon at your hotel in San Salvador for the surf lesson by your professional instructs which speaks English and Spanish. You will, depending on the conditions of the ocean, go to one of the beaches of La Libertad which would be most suitable for you and for your abilities. Depending on your skills you will choose your board which can be a long-board for beginners or short board for more advanced surfer. As a beginner your instructor will give a 15mins. instruction on the sand to show you how you should get up the board before you get into the water. If you get up fast and good enough you will go into shallow water to try to catch your first wave. Your instructor will explain you how to read the waves, where to catch them and at which moment. You can try over and over again with your instructor giving you directions.Your class will be around 2 hours and includes a refreshing drink.