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Happiness is an elusive state, but at least towns like Alegría exist to remind us to stop and smell the rose bushes in the town square. Arriving via a slow mountain pass, visitors are struck by the tranquillity of the place, that a mirador so grand could be seen from a family's kitchen table. There's not much to do per se – you can walk the town in half an hour – but a day at the lagoon, or an afternoon... Read More

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Kawasan Canyoneering with Round-Trip Transfer and Lunch

This full-day trip starts with a hotel pickup at southern part of Cebu. A 3-hour driver passing thru charming small towns, picturesque seascapes and winding roads will lead you to the town of Alegria. Upon arrival, enjoy a brief motorcycle ride to the jump-off point. Don on your life-jacket, hard hat, wet suit (or aqua leggings/rash guard), aqua shoes and aqua bag to hold your things (although less is more) and you're good to go!The technical guide will prepare you up with the do's and don't and simulate the tour highlights by letting you try jumping at the river from a lower level first until you get a hang of it. Once ready, you move on to the first of many jumps of varying heights 15ft, 30ft, 40ft, 50ft, 60ft or 80ft. Feel the rush! Your heart thumping strong and wild, your mind tells you not to but your heart wants to! This is downstream canyoning, perfect for beginners where walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, and rappelling and swimming is expected. You will navigate your way through Kanlaob River where water is very blue, simply irresistible! Mostly you'll be in the water either swimming, floating or walking. Some parts of the river are deep and some are rocky so you better swim carefully. There are amazing rock formations and small caves. Wherever you look, it is just beautiful that you want to capture everything on your water-proof cameras. There are also small caves that you'll pass through. You can play with the streaming waters or relax for a bit. After traversing the river and jumping from some waterfalls, you'll be hiking through a forest until you reach the third level of Kawasan Falls where a hearty lunch awaits. More swimming and a hydro massage will complete your extreme Cebu adventure!