Drinking and nightlife in North Coast

  • Nightlife in Puerto Plata

    La Carihuela Beach

    The best bar along the Malecón does a killer churrasco, and hosts live merengue bands and DJs on the weekend. The most popular libations are mojitos and margaritas.

  • Nightlife in Cabarete


    This lounge is the only place on the beach to hear house and techno music (you'll recognize it by its neon blue lighting). Dancing goes 'til late.

  • Nightlife in Cabarete

    Voy Voy

    Vela Windsurf Center by day, bar by night, this small, hip cafe also serves sandwiches and snacks. Monday karaoke is a mandatory part of Cabarete beach life, as are the regular open mic and dance nights. Occasionally beach volleyball tournaments are organized on the beach out front.

  • Nightlife in Cabarete


    A beachside sports bar with NFL, NHL, NBA and games from many other league acronyms on the big screen, along with regular food and drink specials. Late nights here are especially raucous, with lots of dancing and two beer-pong tables. Service can be spotty.

  • Nightlife in Cabarete

    Lax Ojo

    This mellow bar and restaurant serves food until 12:30pm, when the DJ starts to spin. The 3rd-floor Ojo space has popular salsa nights Thursdays and Fridays, where the party goes til late.

  • Nightlife in Cabarete


    This Dutch-owned restaurant and nightclub serves good-value food on the beach, presided over by the popular manager Milton. At night a DJ spins a decent set.

  • Nightlife in Cabarete

    Lazy Dog

    Winnipeg Jets fans? Anyone? Diehards of the Canadian city's NHL franchise can rejoice since Lazy Dog's owner, a Winnipeg native himself, shows every televised game at his place on the far eastern end of Cabarete's beach. Local bands play regularly, and two of the very large menu's highlights are the calamari and firecracker shrimp.

  • Nightlife in Sosúa

    Britannia Pub

    Popular with North Americans and Europeans, this spot will fill your craving for fish and chips. There’s a book exchange at the back.