Shopping in Shanghai

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    High on creative flair, Spin offers a modern take on Chinese ceramics with oblong teacups, twisted sake sets and all manner of plates, chopstick holders, plus cool little items like ceramic bow ties. Pieces are never overbearing, but lean towards the whimsical, geometric, thoughtful and elegant. All are made by Shanghainese designers in the famous pottery town of Jingdezhen.

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    Old Street

    This renovated Qing dynasty stretch of Middle Fangbang Rd is lined with specialist tourist shops, spilling forth with shadow puppets, jade jewellery, embroidered fabrics, kites, horn combs, chopsticks, zǐshā teapots, old advertising posters, banknotes, Tibetan jewellery, the usual knock-off Mao memorabilia, reproduction 1930s posters, old illustrated books and calligraphy manuals, and surreal 3D-dazzle kitten photos.

  • Top ChoiceShopping in The Bund & People's Square

    Suzhou Cobblers

    Right off the Bund, this cute boutique sells exquisite hand-embroidered silk slippers, bags, hats and clothing. Patterns and colours are based on the fashions of the 1930s, and as far as the owner Denise Huang is concerned, the products are one of a kind. Slippers start at ¥650 and can be made to order.

  • Top ChoiceShopping in French Concession

    Lolo Love Vintage

    There are dozens of 1920s brooches and pearl necklaces in glass display cabinets, rock and roll on the stereo and brilliantly kitsch bits and bobs like a stuffed peacock and plastic cactus outside this wacky shrine to 20th-century vintage. The Lolo villa is stuffed with frocks, blouses, tops, shoes and sundry togs spilling from hangers, shelves and battered suitcases.

  • Top ChoiceShopping in Jing'an

    Design Republic

    Run by esteemed interior-design duo Neri & Hu – the last word on everything tasteful in Shanghai – Design Republic has set up this multilevel showroom displaying products from acclaimed local and international designers. Within a beautiful red-brick building that was a former police headquarters (c 1909), here you'll encounter anything from Scandinavian furniture to designer glassware, ceramics and accessories.

  • Top ChoiceShopping in The Bund & People's Square

    Shanghai No 1 Food Store

    Brave the crowds to check out the amazing variety of dried meats, mushrooms, ginseng, chicken feet and sea cucumber, as well as more tempting snacks including sunflower seeds, nuts, dried fruit, moon cakes and tea. Built in 1925 and redone in 2012, this used to be Sun Sun, one of Shanghai’s big department stores.

  • Top ChoiceShopping in The Bund & People's Square

    Shanghai Museum Art Store

    Attached to the Shanghai Museum and entered from East Yan'an Rd, this shop offers a refreshing change from the usual tourist tat. There is an excellent range of books on Chinese art and architecture and a good selection of quality cards, prints and slides, as well as fine imitations of some of the museum’s ceramic pieces.

  • Top ChoiceShopping in The Bund & People's Square

    Blue Shanghai White

    Just off the Bund, this little boutique is a great place to browse for a contemporary take on a traditional art form. It sells a tasteful selection of hand-painted Jingdezhen porcelain teacups (from ¥150), teapots and vases, displayed together with the shop’s ingeniously designed wooden furniture.

  • Top ChoiceShopping in The Bund & People's Square

    Foreign Languages Bookstore

    Open since the 1950s, this monumental red-brick bookshop is Shanghai's best for English-language fiction, nonfiction and travel guides. There's also a stellar selection of Chinese cultural, cooking and language books. Kids' literature is on the 4th floor.

  • Shopping in Pudong

    AP Xinyang Fashion & Gifts Market

    This mammoth underground market by the Science & Technology Museum metro station is Shanghai’s largest collection of shopping stalls. There are tonnes of merchandise and fakes, from suits to moccasins, glinting copy watches, Darth Vader toys, jackets, Lionel Messi football strips, T-shirts, Indian saris, Angry Birds bags, Bob Marley Bermuda shorts and Great Wall snow globes.

  • Top ChoiceShopping in Shanghai Old City

    South Bund Fabric Market

    This old building with more than 100 stalls is one of the best and easiest fabric markets for tourists as many of the stallholders speak a little English. Dresses and suits can be chosen from pattern books or copied from pictures and made up in a dizzying range of fabrics.

  • Shopping in Jing'an

    Aura A Space & Akimbo Cafe Lab

    Half–indie fashion store and half–minimalist cafe serving single-origin brews, this is an extremely cool space to hang out in and the price tag is reasonable for the pretentious vibe (espressos from ¥20). Peruse the racks of urban bling and streetwear then enjoy a pour-over, nitrogen coffee or a creative seaweed latte.

  • Shopping in French Concession

    Chouchou Chic

    French-Chinese hybrid Chouchou Chic sells kids’ clothes (up to age eight) that are infinitely cuter than what you find at the souvenir stalls. Most of the clothing is Western-style, but you can find some attractive floral-patterned fabrics and Chinese-style qípáo dresses as well. Prices start at around ¥150; the entrance is on Changle Rd.

  • Shopping in French Concession


    This charming gallery and shop behind a gate is too easy to miss, but deserves to be found. D.Art packs colourful prints depicting rural Chinese life into all four corners of its pocket-sized space. The eye-catching folk art, initially used as propaganda during the Mao era to glorify farming, is a welcome alternative to more traditional art forms.

  • Shopping in French Concession

    Urban Tribe

    Urban Tribe is the only contemporary Shanghai label to draw inspiration from the ethnic groups of China and Southeast Asia. The collection of loose-fitting blouses, pants and jackets made of natural fabrics are a refreshing departure from the city’s on-the-go attitude and usual taste for flamboyance. It also stocks a great selection of handmade silver jewellery and ceramics.

  • Shopping in Jing'an

    Amylin’s Pearls

    Amylin's is the most reliable retailer of pearls of all colours and sizes. It's been touting its wears since 1993 in the most unlikely location – a pearl- and jewel-filled room in a tower block near Jing'an Temple. Buy freshwater pearls (from ¥100), prized black Zhejiang pearls (from ¥1500) and saltwater pearls (from ¥200).

  • Shopping in French Concession

    Zhenchalin Tea

    From the entrance, this looks like just another tea shop, but poke around inside and you’ll find specially blended herbal teas from Ayako, a traditional Chinese medicine–certified nutritionist. Peruse the hand-wrapped pǔ’ěr rose, jasmine and peach teas and ceramic and crystal teaware, while staff ply you with tiny cups of ginseng oolong to keep you lingering.

  • Shopping in French Concession

    Madame Mao’s Dowry

    What better way to brighten up your hall than with a poster of jubilant socialist workers? Madame Mao's Dowry has an emphasis on design during the Mao era. Beyond the Cultural Revolution paintings and prints, there's locally designed clothing, jewellery, ceramics and textiles – including cute bāozi (steamed bun) printed tea towels from Pinyin Press, plus some fantastic cards.

  • Shopping in French Concession

    IAPM Mall

    There is a mix of high-end designers (Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, Miu Miu, Prada) and younger casual brands (Mango, Camper, Muji) at this upscale mall, worth a look for the spectacular and well-considered interior design alone. You'll also find a branch of the supermarket C!ty'super here, packed with imported goods, plus an IMAX cinema.

  • Shopping in The Bund & People's Square

    Silk King

    The city’s largest fabric chain is good for a quick browse to see a typical selection of Chinese prints and fabric designs. In-house tailors can make you a custom-fit qípáo (cheongsam), shirt or jacket in three to 10 days for around ¥2000. Twenty-four-hour rush jobs are also possible.