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$54.85 Transfers & Ground Transport

Hefei Private Departure Transfer: Hotel to Railway Station

The service is delivered by an experienced driver from a national car rental company, and an English speaking travel agent staff for backup support. Your driver will find you in your hotel lobby by eye contact, or spell out your name. The hotel pickup time is 2 hours prior of train departure time.  This private transfer service is 24 hours available. Please buy your train ticket first, then book this transfer service. The railway station name is printed on your train ticket.  Please notice there are 4 major railway stations in Hefei: Hefei Station, Hefei South Station, Hefei North Station and Hefei West Station. Your departure train code and railway station name is required upon reservation.  Frequently Asked Questions:  Q: Is your service better than calling a taxi on site?  A: Taxi service is not always available in Hefei. Sometimes the hotel doormen can not find a taxi for you in time, especially in rush hour, early morning or weekend. Using this transfer service, you will have a better vehicle, better service from a reliable national car rental company, plus 24/7 backup from a local travel agent. Q:  Do you pickup from my hotel?   A: This pickup price is for hotels in downtown Hefei only. It includes 4 districts of Shushan, Yaohai, Luyang and Baohe. Other districts are named as Outskirts Hefei. Hotels in Outskirts Hefei will cost additional charge. Please check if your hotel is located in downtown Hefei before you make a booking. If your hotel is in outskirts Hefei, the additional cost will be advised by the local travel agent. - Plan A: If the local travel agent has receiving your reply of approval of this additional cost in time, booking will be confirmed. - Plan B: Booking will be cancelled automatically and refund will be arranged for not receiving your approval in 24 hours. Q: What should I do if I can not find my driver?  A: Telephone the local travel agent. The staff will ask you to pass the phone to a Chinese standing beside you, find out your exact location. Then please wait here. Your driver will come to you. Do not move!  Q: Will the driver telephone me before pickup?  A: No. Your driver does not speaking in English. The local travel agent will be your backup.  Q: Will the driver help me to check in at the railway station?  A: No. Your driver will drop you off outside the departure hall of the station. Usually it is the non-parking area.  Q: What is the luggage allowance?  A: Each passenger (aside from infant) can check in with a maximum of 1 piece of luggage, total dimension not exceeding 158 cm (62 inch), wheels, handles and side pockets included. Each bag should not weigh over 20kg (44 lbs). Excessive and over-sized bag as subject to the availability of the storage space of the vehicle, may incurring surcharge.

$210 Multi-day & Extended Tours

2-Day Tour of Hefei City and Sanhe Ancient Town with Transport

Day 1:  Lord Bao Park-Former Residence of Li Hongzhang-Mingjiao Temple-Xiaoyaojin Park (Lunch)  Lord Bao Park There are three main attractions Memorial Temple of Lord Bao, Lord Bao's Tomb and Qingfeng Chamber in the park. The park was built in memory of Lord Bao. Lord Bao is regarded as one of the honest and upright officials in feudal China. It is the most renowned and influential memorial temple for Lord Bao in the country. Former Residence of Li Hongzhang Located in the middle of Huaihe Road in Hefei, there is a courtyard which was residence of Li Hongzhang. Li Hongzhang, born to farmers in Hefei, rose to become a key official in the late Qing dynasty, playing a part in China's modernisation (and also the signing of the much maligned unequal treaties). This is his restored former home, among the hubbub of the Huaihe Lu pedestrian street, now a museum with some English explanations on his life and politics. Mingjiao Temple The Mingjiao Temple is an important temple in China. It is more than 5 meters high, and covers an area of 4000 square meters. The temple base is so steep that it seems like a castle. During the Eastern Han Dynasty about 1,700 years ago, Cao Cao who was a general and main official of the Eastern Han Dynasty got on the platform on which the temple was later built to direct his troops on how to block the navy of the East Wu Kingdom. He commanded crossbowmen to fire at the enemy from the platform. Xiaoyaojin Park It is a beautiful park with various recreational facilities. It was also an ancient battlefield in the Three Kingdoms period and regarded the most famous scenic spots in Hefei. Day 2:  Sanhe Ancient Town-Your Hotel (Lunch) Sanhe Ancient Town, 32 kilometers from Hefei city, is a typical water town with a history of 2500 years. There are many full of buildings built in Ming and Qing styles. Sanhe is full of rivers and lakes and has several small bridges. It was named due to the three rivers that intersect in side the town. The reason why tourists come to this town is because of the "eight ancient relics" (ancient streets, ancient civilian houses, ancient battlefields, ancient teahouses, ancient rivers, ancient villages surrounded by water, ancient bridges and ancient stages attached to temples). From this day tour, you will experience all this highlights. Meanwhile, the town is also known for its great food. You will take a Chinese lunch in the local characteristic restaurant. After Sanhe Ancient Town, your tour guide and driver will escort you to your hotel and wave goodbye.

$106 Food, Wine & Nightlife

Private Hefei Night Tour with Signature Food, Coffee, Bar & Performance

(18:00pm) Greet your guide at the lobby of your hotel in Hefei city center and head to the 1912 Bar Street where you could have a vibrant nightlife. Hefei 1912 Bar Street has several dozen restaurants, bars, pubs, tea houses, nightclubs and discos. It has become the nightlife center in Hefei. (18:30-19:50) Firstly, enjoy your dinner at a local restaurant for some Hefei's signature foods like the crayfish (小龙虾 xiǎo lóngxiā). Longxia are known as a spicy food and are typically eaten outside with beer. People in Hefei sometimes struggle when asked about the best local cuisine. The answer is easy. Nine out of 10 locals will say: "Try the crayfish food court and you will not be disappointed!" (20:00-21:15) Option A: Watch a Huangmei Opera show After the dinner, you'll head to Tianxianpei Grand Stage and sit down for a Huangmei Opera show. Huangmei Opera is one of the five major styles of Chinese opera. It is often presented in the form of singing and dancing, bringing forth dramatis personae in its plain but vigorous pattern, giving a realistic and plain feeling. Option B: Experience the traditional Chinese massage You will choose the foot massage or whole body massage for one hour.The Chinese medicine Massage can dredge the channels and collaterals eliminating fatigue and relieving stress. (21:20-22:00) Then you may check out 2-3 bars and choose one to start your nighttime adventure. If the bar music strikes you or someone catches your eye, you may remain there, say goodbye to your guide, and take taxi back to hotel on your own.