Must-see attractions in San Pedro de Atacama Region

  • People watching the sunset at Valle de la Muerte (Death Valley), Atacama Desert, Chile.

    Valle de la Muerte

    San Pedro de Atacama Region

    Around 3.5km west of San Pedro, this striking valley should figure high on any itinerary to the region, with jagged rocks, a towering sand dune and…

  • Pukará de Quitor

    San Pedro de Atacama Region

    Dominating a curvaceous promontory over the Río San Pedro, this crumbling 12th-century pukará (fort) was one of the last bastions against Pedro de…

  • Termas de Puritama

    San Pedro de Atacama Region

    These idyllic volcanic hot springs puddle together in a box canyon, about 30km northeast of San Pedro en route to El Tatio. Their temperature is about 33…

  • Aldea de Tulor

    San Pedro de Atacama Region

    Circular adobe structures huddle together like muddy bubble-wrap in the ruins of Tulor, the oldest excavated village in the region. It’s an interesting…

  • La Silla

    San Pedro de Atacama Region

    The European Southern Observatory is home to an array of powerful telescopes, with many important discoveries emerging from astronomical research…

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