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Conaf's main post is at the Parque Inglés sector, 11km beyond the entrance at Radal, but there are two interesting stop-offs in between. Velo de la Novia ('The Bridal Veil') is a 50m-high waterfall you can see from a small roadside viewing point 2.6km from Radal. Another 4.4km on is the Conaf ranger hut and car park for the 400m trail to the Siete Tazas (Seven Cups), a breathtaking series of seven pools carved out of black basalt by the Río Claro. From here, another short trail leads to a viewpoint for the Salto la Leona, a waterfall plunging more than 50m from a narrow gorge.

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National Park Radal 7 Tazas

Day 1 : 6:00 am : Departure from hotels or address 9:00 am : Arrival in Molina village before ascending to the precordillerano area, in this village we will supply products to be used in the National Park there will be an optional breakfast 11:20 am : Visit of the Cascada Velo de la Novia. 12:30 am : Visit of the Parque Nacional Radal Siete Tazas we will then travel to the interior of the park where many different attractions will be. We will end the trail we will arrive to the Salto de la Leona. 16:40 pm : Visit the English park 17:30 pm : Return to the cabin 20:00 pm : An Outdoor barbecue 22:00 pm : End of the day Day 2 : 9:00 am : Breakfast 11:00 am : Trek ribera sur del Rio Claro 14:30 pm : Return to Santiago detention in Velo de la Novia 15:00 pm : Lunch in cabin 16:30 pm : Return to Santiago 21:00 pm : Arrive into Santiago The Radal Siete Tazas National Park is one of many protected areas in the national forestry corporation, located in the pre-mountain range of the seventh region in the municipality of Molina. The area is famous for its waterfalls and evergreen landscapes. A course of roads have formed after millenary eruptions of the headless volcano. In this experience you will be able to explore a beautiful nationally renowned park, by enjoying a truly unique environment. Here you will be able disconnect from the real world and nature will start to prevail and show its beauty. This experience will be only 2 days long but will forever live in your heart.

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