Must-see shopping in Nunavut

  • Carvings Nunavut


    Inside the Tumiit Plaza building, this place has Nunavut's most diverse selection of Inuit serpentine, black and white marble and whalebone sculpture for…

  • Northern Collectables


    Bryan's little treasure cave is overflowing with stone carvings (mostly from south Baffin, but also more abstract ones from a Toronto-based Inuit artist),…

  • Malikkaat


    This cheerful little store near the post office sells Inuit music CDs, T-shirts with designs by Inuit artist Kenojuak Ashevak, plus jewelry, sealskin…

  • Inuit Art Gallery


    Kristiina, the owner of Dorset Suites, stocks some choice pieces both by master Inuit carvers and emerging talent in her basement and may show you around…

  • Rannva Design


    In an unmarked studio, Faroese designer Rannva Erlingsdóttir Simonsen sews together the ancient and the chic, generating beautiful fur and sealskin…

  • Victoria's Arctic Fashion


    High-end, custom-made Inuit parkas with a contemporary twist by local designer Victoria Kakuktinniq. (Bear in mind that sealskin cannot be imported into…

  • Arctic Ventures


    Upstairs in this multipurpose supermarket and electronics store is a good selection of Inuit music CDs and books on Inuit culture and Arctic exploration…

  • Arctic Survival Store


    Your one-stop shop for bug jackets, bug repellent, fishing equipment, and a selection of outdoor clothing, including goose down and waterproof jackets.