Must see restaurants in Montréal

  • R
    Restaurant Greenspot

    This classic Québécois diner is a legend of Montréal greasy spoons. In business for more than 70 years, Greenspot remains a local favorite for hot dogs,…

  • M

    This tiny neighborhood gem is a requisite pit stop when strolling Ave Monkland. You can enjoy first-rate coffees, matcha lattes, and heavenly baked goods …

  • N
    Noodle Factory

    Noodle fanatics roll up to this bustling hole-in-the-wall place for chef Lin Kwong Cheung’s famed homemade noodles. You can watch him in the open kitchen…

  • L
    Le Beaux-Arts Bistro

    This on-site museum bistro has fittingly minimal looks and French-influenced panini, soups, salads and pastries. It's good for a light meal or Quebec…

  • M
    Mai Xiang Yuan

    Tasty plates of 15 dumplings come pan-fried or steamed at this humble restaurant. Fillings include everything from lamb and onion to pork and leek, as…

  • R

    This spacious coffeehouse has lots of tables for quiet conversation and laptop chatter, plus good coffees, sandwiches, desserts and other snacks. For a…

  • T
    TOHU Bistro

    Attached to the TOHU theater, this small cafe sells sandwiches, salads, bagels and other light fare.

  • L
    Le Pavillon 67

    Located in the Casino de Montréal, Le Pavillon 67 spreads an excellent buffet. On weekends, you'll find lobster, crab legs, poached salmon, roast lamb,…

  • P
    Pizzeria Napoletana

    Homemade pasta sauces and very basic thick-sauced pizzas (more than 30 different types of each) draw Italian-loving crowds year-round. The pizza crust –…

  • L
    La Belle & La Boeuf – Burger Bar

    This trendy burger bar in the heart of downtown caters to a late-night crowd looking for some fun with their grub. The name is a play on words (Beauty &…