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These days the hill station is becoming more famous for the Thansur Bokor Highland Resort, the ugly modern casino that blights the summit. It's part of a huge development project that includes a golf course (or, given the mist, a spot-the-ball competition?) and numerous holiday villas on sale at speculative prices.

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4-Day Bike Tour of Cambodia's Pepper Route from Phnom Penh

Cycle away from the hustle and bustle of Phnom Penh and into the peaceful southern regions of Cambodia. We start our cycling adventure by visiting the tragic, but memorable, Killing Fields and ride along small countryside villages, exploring ancient Khmer temples along the way, before arriving at the beautiful coastal city of Kep. Once a famous holiday spot for French colonialists, this prestigious beach resort of the 1960s is finally reawakening to its former glory.On our second day we ride dirt roads to reach the Steung Keo River where we catch a boat to the riverside town of Kampot and discover how black, white and red pepper from this region came to be a prized specialty crop in French restaurants during the 19th Century. We overnight in a traditional wooden lodge by the river.We drive up to Black Palace and ride to Bokor Hill Station, visit remains of an abandoned casino and church, and take in the stunning panoramic views of the Gulf of Thailand. Enjoy picnic lunch by a mountain-top waterfall before transferring back to Phnom Penh.On this 4-day tour we will cycle the total of 118mi (190km) over the course of three and a half days, with the average distance of 31mi (50km) a day. A support truck travels behind the group to support us and participants can cycle as much or as little as they like and still enjoy the same views as the rest of the group.This 4-Day/3-Night tour includes breakfast-3, lunch-4 and dinner-3

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