Must-see attractions in Bolivia

  • Iglesia San Miguel Arcángel

    La Paz

    The small plaza in front of this modern mountain-shaped church is a main meeting point for residents of the Zona Sur.

  • Museo Pacha Uta

    Lake Titicaca

    A small museum by the tourist info center that's dedicated to the natural and human history of the lake.

  • Iglesia de Santo Domingo


    This 16th-century church with an imposing whitewashed facade was built by the Dominican order.

  • Iglesia Santo Domingo


    Parts of this 17th-century church, recently restored, served as a prison from 1860 to 2000.

  • Iglesia del Hospicio


    This church, built in 1875, combines neoclassical, baroque and Byzantine elements.

  • Iglesia de la Candelaria

    Santa Cruz & Gran Chiquitania

    The town's church overlooks the plaza. It's usually closed outside mass times.

  • Base Naval Ballivián

    Amazon Basin

    Local naval base set, strangely enough, several blocks away from the river.

  • Museo Coquesa

    Salar de Uyuni

    This museum has a collection of ceramics and mummies.

  • Museo Mineralógico


    Rock enthusiasts might be interested in Museo Mineralógico which houses a collection of more than 5200 minerals, precious stones, fossils and crystals…

  • Museo Interpretativo Center


    In theory this tiny museum by the albergue provides limited local information and an exhibition on the Kallawaya traditions. However, when we passed…

  • Iglesia San Roque

    Santa Cruz

    Named after the Jesuit San Roque González, this rather plain church is most notable for its single bell tower. The church is open for 15 minutes before…

  • Church


    Overlooking Plaza Independencia is Tupiza's Catholic church. It's closed outside mass times.

  • Church


    This large cream-colored church towers above the plaza.

  • Church


    The simple church on Colón is a local landmark.

  • Chincana Ruins

    Isla del Sol

    Isla del Sol's most spectacular ruins lie near the island’s northern tip. Its main feature is the Palacio del Inca, a maze of stone walls and tiny…

  • Cha’lla

    Isla del Sol

    This agreeable little village stretches along a magnificent sandy beach that could be straight out of a holiday brochure for the Greek islands. The…

  • Marka Pampa

    Isla del Sol

    At low tide an innocuous-looking column of rock peeps just a few centimeters above Lake Titicaca’s surface, north of Isla del Sol. Most locals dismiss it…

  • Mesa Ceremónica

    Isla del Sol

    About 150m southeast of the Chincana ruins is the Mesa Ceremónica. It’s thought to have been the site of human and animal sacrifices and makes for a…

  • Piedra Sagrada

    Isla del Sol

    From Cha’llapampa Village, the Chincana route runs parallel to the beach, climbing gently along an ancient route to the isthmus at Santiago Pampa (also…

  • Cha'llapampa Museum

    Isla del Sol

    The small Cha'llapampa Museum contains artifacts excavated in 1992 from Marka Pampa, referred to by locals as La Ciudad Submergida (Sunken City). Among…

  • Templo del Inca

    Isla del Sol

    Over the track, and in a field just southwest, from the Piedra Sagrada, are the ancient walls of the complex known as the Templo del Inca. Although little…

  • Ruins

    Isla del Sol

    Of the more than 80 Inca ruins on the island, most date to the 15th century AD. You could spend a week looking at them all.

  • Ruins

    Isla del Sol

    Some obsidian remnants among the ruins indicate contact with people as far away as Colca Canyon, Arequipa, Peru.

  • Cha’llapampa

    Isla del Sol

    Most tours visiting the northern ruins land at Cha’llapampa, a small village straddling a slender isthmus.

  • Museo Étnico

    Isla del Sol

    Some dusty exhibits, including Inca pots. Admission is free with the Cha’lla trail fee.

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