Santorini to limit daily number of cruise tourists

Authorities on the popular Greek island of Santorini have decided to introduce a new system of managing the cruise passenger traffic, based on a study of the socioeconomic and environmental pressures caused by cruise ship crowds.

Santorini to limit cruise ship traffic.
Santorini to limit cruise ship traffic. Image by Aurimas / CC BY-SA 2.0

The new system will allow a maximum of 8000 passengers per day to visit the island. In 2015, Santorini was the Greek destination that received the highest number of cruise ships, more even than the port of Piraeus. The study also showed that in the high season (May to October), 90% of cruise ship arrivals were recorded on Santorini, and while the average daily number of passengers disembarking was 4000, there were days when that number went over 10,000 and other days when it was minimal. The rationing system will ensure that traffic is distributed more evenly across the week and that the island doesn’t suffer from overcrowding. Read more: