Powell St Cable Car Turnaround

Powell St Cable Car Turnaround information

San Francisco , USA
cnr Powell & Market Sts
Getting there
Muni: Powell
Bart: Powell
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Stand awhile at Powell and Market Sts and spot arriving cable-car operators leaping out, gripping the trolleys' chassis and slooowly rotating the car atop a revolving wooden platform. Cable cars can't go backwards and this is the terminus of Powell St lines. Riders queue up mid-morning to early evening for the famous moving historic landmarks, providing a captive audience for panhandlers, street performers and preachers on megaphones.

Some find the scene colorful, others unnerving. If you're worried about time, count heads and do math: cable cars hold 60 people (29 seated, 31 standing), but depart carrying fewer to leave room to board passengers to board en route. They depart every five to ten minutes at peak times. Powell-Mason cars are quickest to the Wharf, but Powell-Hyde cars traverse more terrain and hills.