‘Hindi Lane’

‘Hindi Lane’ information

Dubai , United Arab Emirates
off Ali bin Abi Talib St
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Venturing behind the Grand Mosque you’ll stumble upon two places of worship behind very modest exteriors – just keep an eye out for the piles of shoes at the bottom of stairways. One set of staircases leads to the Shri Nathje Jayate Temple, also known as the Krishna Mandir (mandir is Hindi for temple). Shri Nathje is the main deity of Pushtimarg, a Hindu devotional sect based near Udaipur in Rajasthan, India. Just beyond this temple (heading towards the Creek) is a colourful alleyway that expats refer to as ‘Hindi Lane’. Here, vendors sell religious paraphernalia and offerings to take to the temples: baskets of fruit, garlands of flowers, gold-embossed holy images, sacred ash, sandalwood paste and packets of bindis (the little pendants Hindu women stick to their foreheads). Tucked amid the bustle is a series of staircases leading up to the other house of worship, the Sikh Gurudaba.