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First time San Diego: discover the best of America’s finest city

Andrew Bender Lonely Planet author

Boats harbored in San Diego Marina. Image by B Garrett / CC BY 2.0

San Diego calls itself America’s Finest City, and who are we to argue? Its sunny, breezy countenance animates the pandas and koalas at its world-famous zoo, skaters and surfers on its iconic beaches, tousled-haired valet parkers and vested bartenders slinging drinks in hipster hangouts of the Gaslamp Quarter. It’s the nation’s eighth-largest city, yet we’re […]

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Best things to do in New York in September

Regis St. Louis Lonely Planet author

Parade goer at the West Indian American Day Carnival. Image by Team at Carnaval.com Studios / CC BY 2.0

Summer may be over, but there’s no need for tears. September is one of the best months to be in the city. The weather is still lovely and the heavy crowds have largely dispersed, making it a great time to be out and about. As New Yorkers return from the beach, the cultural calendar ramps […]

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Highlights of the Yokohama Triennale 2014 art festival

Simon Richmond Lonely Planet author

Bearlike Construction – 629 by Gimhongsok

Though Yokohama may stand in the shadow of big brother Tokyo, in terms of artistic energy Japan’s second biggest city is a powerhouse of creativity. This is on full display at the Yokohama Triennale 2014 (yokohamatriennale.jp), a mammoth contemporary art festival that is incendiary and confrontational, whimsical and poetic, whacky and even reptilian. ART Fahrenheit 451: […]

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Ten day trips from New York City

Joe Minihane Lonely Planet author

Skyline of Philadelphia. Image by Rob Shenk / CC BY-SA 2.0

New York might be the greatest city in the world. But the crowds, the sirens and the traffic can get a bit much for even the hardiest fan of the Big Apple. So why not leave the chaos behind for a day? It’s a breeze to leave and you can be back in time for a […]

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Sweet Lisbon: the best places to get your sugar fix

Hannah Summers Lonely Planet author

Lisbon's famous pastéis de nata (custard tart), as served by Antiga Confeitaria de Belém. Image by Matthew Hine / CC by 2.0

Stroll the hilly backstreets of Portugal’s capital and you’ll soon come across evidence of the Lisboêtas’ love for all things sweet. Hidden in the districts’ cobbled streets, rows of tiny tiled bakeries await, each serving up their own delicious array of pastéis de nata – Portugal’s famous egg custard tart. It’s a sweet relief to the […]

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First time San Francisco: discover the best of the City by the Bay

John Vlahides Lonely Planet author

San Francisco skyline at night. Image by Sudheendra Vijayakumar / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Welcome to America’s most liberal city, where you can say what you like, do what you want and act like a freak without anyone caring. Even if you prefer khakis to chaps, and Sarah Palin to Nancy Pelosi, you’ll still have a blast in SF – just don’t call it Frisco, or San Fran. First […]

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Car-free getaways from some of the world’s greatest cities

Lauren Matison Lonely Planet author

The harbor of Hydra at dusk. Image by Shaun Egan / Photodisc / Getty Images

Travelling like a local in a foreign place means going off the beaten path in and out of town. On your next big city trip, put a day or so aside for an adventure within an adventure, forget the hassles of driving, and discover what lies beyond the metro maps. 1. Athens to Hydra Santorini’s […]

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A brunch-lover’s guide to New York City

Brandon Presser Lonely Planet author

Brunchers at Cookshop. Photo by Brandon Presser / Lonely Planet.

Ahh, brunch. One part omelette, two parts mimosa, three parts coffee – life’s sweet distraction when the workweek is nigh. Though not a uniquely New York ‘thing’ per se, there’s no other city that takes its breakfast-lunch combustion quite as seriously as the Big Apple and every visitor should take it upon themselves to sample a taste […]

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Dublin on a hangover

Louise Bastock Lonely Planet author

Samuel Beckett Bridge at dawn: waking up with a sore head isn't an excuse for a lie-in. Image by  Miguel Mendez / CC BY 2.0

It’s the morning after the night before, and you’ve survived a night on the tiles in Dublin. Thanks to the locals’ ebullient hospitality, not to mention their ability to hold a drink, you’re feeling a little worse for wear. But this is no time to waste a day in bed nursing a fragile head and dining on paracetamol: […]

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Viva vinyl in Seattle: finding Emerald City’s music through its record stores

Brendan Sainsbury Lonely Planet author

A mix of record store and Seattle-centric gift shop, the Sub Pop Airport Store opened in May 2014. Image by Brendan Sainsbury / Lonely Planet

In May 2014 Sub Pop (subpop.com), the record company that launched the careers of grunge bands Nirvana and Mudhoney in the late ‘80s, opened up a music store at Seattle’s Seatac Airport. Selling t-shirts, rock memorabilia and old-school phonograph discs, the new store was the mark of a trend. In the midst of the digital […]

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