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Traveler Tips and Articles

Summer in the city: 25 ways to beat the heat in New York

Regis St. Louis Lonely Planet author

Sunset from Hudson River Park. Image by Chris Walton / CC BY-NC 2.0

In the height of summer, the air on the streets of New York can feel like a blast furnace as waves of humidity roll down the avenues. But summer doesn’t have to mean needless suffering. Riverside walks, leafy parks, and cool ocean breezes provide a quick antidote to sizzling city sidewalks. After dark, lower evening […]

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Manifesta 10: new and nostalgic art in St Petersburg

Simon Richmond Lonely Planet author

Lada Kopeika Project by Francis Alÿs, Winter Palace courtyard

Searing photographic images from Kyiv’s Maidan protests, 16 great homosexuals and a Lada Kopeika crashed into a tree in the cobbled courtyard of the Winter Palace. Not since it was stormed in 1917 has the main venue of the Hermitage witnessed such an assault. For its 250th birthday and grand opening of its new General […]

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Five reasons to visit Rotterdam

Kate Morgan Lonely Planet author

Rotterdam is your typical second city. While second cities might often be disregarded in favour of just checking out their popular counterparts (Amsterdam, we’re looking at you), to do so is a travel faux pas. Second cities are generally self-assured – existing for themselves and not just for tourists – and from this, creativity and a certain […]

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Getting hot and steamy in Northern California

Rana Freedman Lonely Planet author

Massage at Tassajara Zen Mountain Center

California is blessed with an abundance of geothermic activity and its mineral waters have been appreciated by those who have lived here for thousands of years.  Over time, infrastructure has developed around many sites and as a result you’ll find resorts throughout the state with very different characters and facilities, from hippy enclaves to family-friendly […]

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Best things to do in New York in July

Regis St. Louis Lonely Planet author

Fourth of July fireworks. Image by Douglas Palmer / CC BY 2.0

After a long and dreadful winter, New Yorkers are overjoyed that summer is once again in full swing. July brings outdoor concerts and film screenings, beach getaways and one very dramatic fireworks display (this year over the East River) on the nation’s birthday. Some of the month’s best attractions won’t cost a penny, including the […]

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Granada’s street art

Brendan Sainsbury Lonely Planet author

 Granada is a paradoxical city where grit and grandiosity often sit side by side. Most people come here to see the Alhambra, but the city also hides a surrealistic street art scene. Drawing on cultural traditions first fostered by Andalucían poet, Federico Lorca, and abstract expressionist painter, José Guerrero, Granada’s street artists aren’t typical scribble-and-run graffiteros. […]

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Spain’s flamenco renaissance

Brendan Sainsbury Lonely Planet author

The audience in Seville’s Casa de la Guitarra is crammed in like a football crowd at a Barcelona-Real Madrid game, but it doesn’t seem to matter. All eyes are on the stage where the singer, dancer and guitarist have fused to create a wall of emotion so intense you could practically light a cigarette with […]

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Vršovice: Prague’s most happening hangout

Mark Baker Lonely Planet author

View of Krymská street, Prague

Since the 1989 Velvet Revolution, Prague has enjoyed a worldwide rep as a happening city. And it certainly is. There are always new bars and restaurants opening up and festivals going on. But sometimes it’s hard to figure out where all this action is actually taking place. Sure, the historic Old Town is beautiful and […]

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America’s best food festivals for summer 2014

Megan Eileen McDonough Lonely Planet author

Punnets of tart cherries at the National Cherry Festival. Image courtesy of the National Cherry Festival

Forget the beach, have an epicurean adventure this summer at one of America’s excellent food festivals. From stacks of rosy lobsters in Maine, to a celebration of the humble rib in Nevada (and many an artisan cheese and craft beer fest between), there really is a feast fit for every palate. Here’s our pick of […]

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Glasgow for every travel style

Anita Isalska Lonely Planet author

Glasgow is brimming with adrenaline this summer as the city prepares to host the Commonwealth Games (glasgow2014.com). But while cheers will ring out from Ibrox to Cathkin Braes, there are plenty of other reasons to explore Scotland’s largest and most spirited city. Here’s how to match the best of Glasgow to your own travel style. […]

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