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Traveler Tips and Articles

How to have a budget break in Iceland

Heather Carswell Lonely Planet author

The Northern Lights over Kleifarvatn lake, on the Reykjanes Peninsula. Image by Ragnar Th. Sigurdsson / age fotostock / Getty

‘Iceland is too expensive to visit if you’re on a budget’. Along with ‘don’t eat the street food – it will make you ill’, this is one of the great travel myths. And it could lead you to miss out on some amazing experiences. True, Iceland can be eye-wateringly pricey, but with some planning it […]

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Driving Egnatia Odos, Greece’s modern ancient highway

Chris Deliso Lonely Planet author

Winding road through the Pindos Mountains, northern Greece. Image by Mark Daffey / Getty Images

One of the most fascinating (and fastest) drives across Greece is the 670km journey from the Turkish border crossing of Kipi in Thrace to the Ionian Sea at Igoumenitsa. Known as the ‘Egnatia Odos’ after the ancient Roman Via Egnatia that conveyed tradesmen, armies and regular travellers across part of its length, this modern highway was completed in 2009, well over a decade and almost six billion euros since construction commenced.

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How to travel independently around Cyprus

Jess Lee Lonely Planet author

Selimiye Mosque aka Agia Sofia Cathedral in North Nicosia (Lefkoşa). Image by De Agostini / D M Rossi / Getty Images

Blessed with endless blue-sky days and miles of sandy coast, Cyprus is a tourism promoter’s dream. Lazy bucket-and-spade package holidays bring gaggles of Europeans to this Mediterranean idyll every summer. But Cyprus is more than its sand: eschew resorts to rove rural cobblestone villages and explore the jagged heartland, and you’ll discover an alternative island well […]

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Arabian sights: road-tripping in Oman

James Kay Lonely Planet author

Barren mountains encircle the whitewashed buildings of Old Muscat. Image by James Kay / Lonely Planet

Oman is hot right now. Not as in boiling (although it can be at the height of summer when the mercury touches 40C); hot as in ‘of the moment’. Its star has risen steadily thanks to a carefully nurtured tourism industry and a growing appreciation for its natural and cultural riches. After all, where else […]

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Southern Serbia’s retro route: essential experiences

Tamara Sheward Lonely Planet author

Serbia’s green vineyards in summer under a clouded sky. Image by Katarina Stefanovic / Getty Images

There’s more to Serbia than Belgrade nightlife and rock festivals by the Danube. Once you leave the big cities, the country morphs into a clean, green time machine, where customs have remained unchanged for centuries. Ramble down this retro route through southern Serbia, with its rolling hills and welcoming villages, for a delightfully authentic off-the-beaten-path experience. Discover winery heartland […]

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The Pan-American Highway: join us on the ultimate road trip

Clifton Wilkinson Lonely Planet author

The Pan-American HIghway as it travels through the Atacama Desert. Image by Igor Alecsander / Moment / Getty Images

Ask your friends what their idea of a cool road trip is and you’ll get some great suggestions. South of France in summer in a convertible. Safari in Africa in a jeep. Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles. But you can trump them all and laugh in the face of their puny routes by […]

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Leaving Las Vegas: top things to do nearby without a casino in sight

Sara Benson Lonely Planet author

Hikers plan their route near rock formations in Red Rock Canyon. Image by Alexander Howard / Lonely Planet

When you’ve tired of the ding-ding-ding of the slot machines, it’s time to hit the road and grab some fresh air. Not so far from the Strip’s neon lights, here are five epic outdoor destinations, all without a smoke-choked casino in sight. Red Rock Canyon If you’ve only got an afternoon to spare, head west […]

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Picking the right set of wheels for a classic road trip

Steve Waters Lonely Planet author

Steve Waters gets his hands - and his wheels - dirty driving the Gibb River Road. Image by Steve Waters / Lonely Planet

There’s nothing quite like the freedom of the open road – but, whether it’s a Sunday drive through the timeless back roads of the English countryside or a continent-spanning overland epic, you’ll need to pick the perfect motor to get the most out of the trip. Jump in the back seat, strap yourself in, and […]

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Utah’s 10 most unbelievable views

Sara Benson Lonely Planet author

Monument Valley. Photo by Frank Kovalchek / CC BY 2.0

Lonely Planet has produced this article for Brand USA. All editorial views are those of Lonely Planet alone and reflect our policy of editorial independence and impartiality. Out in the USA’s wild west, the state of Utah has some of the country’s most incredible views – unreal sunsets, magical rock formations, majestic mountains and more. […]

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‘The full Monte’ road trip: Montenegro’s best drives

Peter Dragicevich Lonely Planet author

The Bay of Kotor. Image by KLMircea / CC BY-SA 2.0

With a beautiful coastline backed by a whole heap of craggy mountains, Montenegro has an abundance of scenic driving routes. Whether on the main highways or on single-lane back roads, expect ‘wow’ and white-knuckle moments in equal measure, with breathtaking views over every precipitous drop. Driving in Montenegro is not for the faint of heart, […]

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