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Hideaway hotels you can’t reach by road

Steve Waters Lonely Planet author

The rail journey is all part of fun to reach the Pilatus-Kulm's vertiginous views. Image courtesy of Hotel Pilatus-Kulm

Leave your Samsonite above the wardrobe and your car keys on the dresser, you won’t be needing either on this trip around some of the planet’s more access-challenged accommodation. Travel light, wear sensible shoes, and take some deep breaths… Hotel Pilatus-Kulm, Lucerne, Switzerland Access: cogwheel railway Style: James Bond meets Grand Budapest Hotel As Marvin […]

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Top 10 Maui travel experiences

Ned Friary Lonely Planet author

Admit it – you’re grinning already, even before you step on the plane. It starts with the idea of Maui… the anticipation. With the abundance of white beaches, waterfalls, and waves, what is there not to love? With all this island has to offer, you may be wondering where to start – never fear we got […]

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Six offbeat experiences in Yorkshire, England

Jessica Crouch Lonely Planet author

Tandem bike ride to Bolton Abbey, Yorkshire

Yorkshire is much-hyped of late, but for good reason – the four counties that make up this slice of northern England have so much to offer in terms of scenery, foodie experiences and historical action. Plus, it’s not all about the Tour de France. Here are six offbeat ways to get to know the region. […]

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African safari alternatives that don’t cost a fortune

Kate Armstrong Lonely Planet author

An assortment of animals congregate around a shrinking waterhole in Namibia. Image by Peter ten Broecke / E+ / Getty Images.

The Big Five (buffalo, lion, leopard, elephant and rhinoceros) sometimes elude safari goers in more ways than one. Rates for a five-night luxury safari – including guided wildlife drives, sunset cocktails, and tents with more puffy pillows than London‘s Ritz Hotel - can cost anywhere between US$5000 and US$12,000. But contrary to what many believe, you don’t […]

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Driving California’s Sierra Nevada

admin Lonely Planet author

Tunnel View, Yosemite Valley. Image by Raido Kaldma / CC BY 2.0.

Drive up into the lofty Sierra Nevada, which conservationist John Muir called ‘The Range of Light.’ Here you can witness earth-shaking waterfalls, hug towering trees, clamber up granite domes and camp out in high-country meadows where wildflowers bloom. This article is an excerpt from the thorough itinerary in our California Trips book, written by local […]

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Brewery tour of Alaska

Catherine Bodry Lonely Planet author

Rugged Alaska begs to be explored by road. Image by Cecil Sanders / CC BY 2.0

A road trip of Interior and Southcentral Alaska is an excellent approach for discovering the regions’ best sights: the tallest mountain in North America, the largest wild salmon in the world as well as a myriad of adventures. And almost every town from Fairbanks to Homer is home to at least one brewery offering après […]

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Driving through the wilderness on Chile’s Carretera Austral

Anna Kaminski Lonely Planet author

The sinuous Carretera Austral crossing Northern Patagonia. Image by Lucas Brentano / Moment / Getty Images.

The Carretera Austral begins where Chile’s Lakes District ends, snaking south for 1240km into a land of dense forests, snow-tipped mountains, glacial streams, islands and swift-flowing rivers. When you hear the term ‘Southern Highway’, you might imagine an orderly, well-paved route through the wilderness. You’d be wrong. Northern Patagonia, which the Carretera Austral bisects, is […]

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Road tripping through Lonely Planet’s top US destinations

Sara Benson Lonely Planet author

Castle Hill Lighthouse in Newport, Rhode Island. Image by Yuri Kriventsov/Flickr Open/Getty Images.

Buckle up: it’s time to hit the road! Our travel experts have rounded up the Top 10 US travel destinations for 2014, giving you brand new reasons to visit long-time favorites and also less-touristed places that are ripe for exploring, right now. Is getting there half the fun? Find out for yourself on these five […]

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Five roads less travelled in the USA

Sara Benson Lonely Planet author

Blues is king in Memphis, Tennessee. Image by Bill Bachmann / First Light / Getty Images.

Everyone knows a road trip is the classic way to see the grand ol’ USA. But what if you’ve already cruised the Pacific Coast Highway, rolled along the Blue Ridge Parkway and gotten your kicks on Route 66? Take a spin on any (or all) of these scenic drives, which rightfully should be much more […]

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Three family-friendly road trips in the USA

admin Lonely Planet author

Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Image by Tony Barber / Flickr / Getty Images.

Coast to coast, there’s endless fun for anyone road tripping with kids in the good, ole US of A. If you’re hitting the road this year with your family, here are a few trips – straight from Lonely Planet’s Best Trips series – guaranteed to keep everyone entertained. Research and itineraries by Ryan Ver Berkmoes, […]

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