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Italy’s six best road trips

Duncan Garwood Lonely Planet author

Tuscany's iconic landscapes make it a hugely popular region for road trips. Image by Franz Marc Frei / LOOK-foto / Getty Images

With a network of well-maintained roads that weave through a landscape of snow-capped peaks, plunging coastlines, lakes and historic towns, Italy offers plenty of epic driving. And while some routes are undeniably challenging, they all make for unforgettable experiences. Here we highlight six classic road trips, ranging from gentle Tuscan jaunts to hair-raising mountain adventures. A […]

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Highs and lows of the 395: road tripping down California’s highway of superlatives

Clifton Wilkinson Lonely Planet author

The 395 is one of the lesser known but no less spectacular road trips to do in California. Image by Max Whitaker / Visit California

US highway 395 is California’s backbone. Running east of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, it’s also a road of superlatives: highest, lowest, hottest, deepest, oldest – the 395 passes close by a whole host of -ests. And then there are the ghost towns, living towns, ski resorts, tufa formations (you’ll see), film locations and more. Yet […]

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Albanian road trip: history behind the bunkers

Larissa Olenicoff Lonely Planet author

Shkodra’s atmospheric Rozafa Castle. Image by Talha Çakır / CC BY 3.0

Having spent nearly half of the 20th century isolated from the rest of the world, Albania remains somewhat a land of mystery, only recently making its way onto European travel itineraries as an offbeat and budget-friendly destination.  While ‘the land of eagles’ may be better known for its stormy communist past (with some 750,000 concrete bunkers still scattered around to […]

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A weekend in the Wild West: Nevada’s historic towns

Clifton Wilkinson Lonely Planet author

Nevada's historic towns are full of buildings built in the state's late 19th-century heyday. Image by Alexander Howard / Lonely Planet

Lying between the outdoor charms of Lake Tahoe to the west and the hedonist charms of Vegas to the south, the small towns of Virginia City, Carson City and Genoa hold an appeal all their own, with plenty of historic and modern attractions to while away a weekend. Spend a night in each to soak […]

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South Dakota’s best scenic drives

Ryan Ver Berkmoes Lonely Planet author

A road through Badlands National Park. Image by Holger Leue / Lonely Planet Images / Getty

With jaw-dropping scenery and hundreds of miles of winding roads, western South Dakota is a driver’s playground. These top routes make up some of the state’s best scenic drives. The region is rife with iconic national parks and top attractions, with some history, whimsy, buffalo and badlands thrown into the mix. The Scenic Deadwood Loop […]

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Botswana: the rewards of self-drive safaris

Anthony Ham Lonely Planet author

Self-drivers camping beneath the southern sky, Botswana. Image by Edwin Remsberg / Getty Images

Botswana may have a reputation as the most exclusive safari destination in Africa, but it does offer an incredibly tempting alternative to the fly-in, upmarket-tented-camp experience: the more budget-friendly self-drive safari. Botswana is made for road (and road-less) trips – it is big-sky country, a land of flood plains, deserts and eternal horizons. Drive yourself […]

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From highway to high waves: five offbeat coastal road trips

Etain OCarroll Lonely Planet author

The Cliffs of Moher are a highlight of the Wild Atlantic Way. Image by honster / iStock / Getty

California’s Big Sur and Australia’s Great Ocean Road may get all the headlines when it comes to coastal driving but they’re not the only places where you can lose yourself in spectacular scenery, glowing sunsets and glistening surf. The following routes are equally impressive and also offer quirky cultural experiences, great food and the irresistible […]

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Beyond the dunes: road-tripping Mongolia’s Gobi Desert

Stephen Lioy Lonely Planet author

Adventure in the Gobi: grab some friends and go for a drive. Image by Stephen Lioy / Lonely Planet

Giant sand dunes fringed by sun-scorched valleys. Primordial fossils hidden within flaming-red cliffs. The sun setting pink and purple over a Mongolian yurt. Few experiences bring together offbeat adventure and epic road-tripping quite like bouncing through Mongolia’s Gobi Desert in the rear-facing seat of an off-road van, hoping against hope that the next little village has […]

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A gourmet road trip through France’s Auvergne region

Anita Isalska Lonely Planet author

A foodie road trip in the Auvergne bypasses volcano-carved terrain like deep valleys and tranquil Lac de Guéry. Image by Anita Isalska

Even by French standards, the Auvergne bulges with gastronomic flair. The region produces five protected-status cheeses, cured meats prized around France, plus an arsenal of wines and heady herbal liqueurs. Could something in the water explain this bounty? Locals think so, crediting the rich volcanic soil with the Auvergne’s verdant grazing meadows and fruit farms. […]

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A road trip in the Peloponnese

Anna Kaminski Lonely Planet author

View over Nafplio from Palamidi Fortress. Image by Pavel69 / CC BY 2.0

No other part of Greece combines stupendous mountain scenery and scenic hikes with deserted, pristine beaches and an incredible wealth of ancient sites like the Peloponnese. After all, this is where gods and heroes were said to walk the earth and the world’s greatest sporting event was born. Add to that terrific winery-hopping, boutique accommodation in […]

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