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A Thracian journey: Edirne, Gallipoli and Troy

Virginia Maxwell Lonely Planet author

Last stop: Troy and its ancient citadel walls. Image by Ken Walsh / The Image Bank / Getty Images

Grand narratives have unfolded in Thrace for millennia. Here, Leander swam across the Hellespont every night to see his love Hero (a feat famously emulated by Lord Byron in 1810) and here, too, the Greeks arrived seeking retribution for Paris’ abduction of the fair Helen. Traversed by emperors and kings, scarred by battles and replete […]

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Into the Arctic: driving Norway’s Kystriksveien

Anthony Ham Lonely Planet author


When it comes to imagined destinations, few can rival the Arctic. It is a place of deep and abiding longing, and has been for centuries; a land so utterly different from our own that entering it calls for some grand rite of passage, for a journey of such beauty as to prove worthy of these […]

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Best of Tasmania’s Wild West

Anthony Ham Lonely Planet author

Tasmania's Tarkine wilderness / Image by Rob Blakers / Getty Images

Tasmania’s northwest is the island’s wild soul, home to abundant wildlife and wilderness, and the canvas for quiet back roads that take you to the most surprising of places. Cradle Mountain A destination that deserves a place among the pantheon of iconic Aussie attractions, Cradle Mountain National Park combines all that’s good about Tasmania’s open […]

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East Coast vs. West Coast

Miriam Raphael Lonely Planet author

Yacaaba Head entrance to Port Stephen's / Image by David Wall / Getty Images

Australia’s coast was just made for road tripping. Thousands of kilometres of sun, sand and surf, dotted with lazy beach towns, quirky accommodation, big things (pineapples, prawns, what have you) and enough fish and chip oil to fuel a few weeks of adventure. But choosing between the East Coast (typically Sydney up to Far North Queensland) […]

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Bulgarian road trip: Sofia to the city of the tsars

Chris Deliso Lonely Planet author

Ivan Vazov National Theatre, Sofia. Image by David Holt / CC BY-SA 2.0

One of the Balkans’ larger countries, Bulgaria makes an excellent place for road tripping. Despite now being an EU member, enough of Bulgaria’s wildness (literal and figurative) remains to guarantee travellers can count on having their own unique experiences while exploring the country.

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Self-drive safaris in Namibia

Paula Hardy Lonely Planet author

Elephant road sign, Damaraland, Namibia. Image by Ann & Steve Toon / Getty Images

With an incredible desert landscape that is unusually easy to traverse and reasonable car-hire charges, this southern African country is the perfect place for a self-drive safari.

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Best of the Dampier Peninsula

Kate Armstrong Lonely Planet author

View of Cape Leveque (Kooljaman) from the air / Image by Kate Armstrong / Lonely Planet

With its turquoise lagoons and burnt-crimson cliffs, ancient footsteps and historic shell middens, Australia’s remote Dampier Peninsula is home to a number of Aboriginal Australian communities who welcome travellers to their spectacular land and share their traditional culture.  In the most northwestern of Australia’s vast coastline, the isolated yet accessible Dampier Peninsula is dotted with Aboriginal communities (and […]

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Driving Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way

Leif Pettersen Lonely Planet author

The ‘Wild Atlantic Way’ driving route neatly packages the abundant attractions of Ireland’s west coast, from West Cork to Donegal. The well-signed, easy-to-navigate route includes 157 ‘Discovery Points’, where drivers can stop and learn more about the must-sees and lesser-known diversions of this fascinating area. For this article, we’ve split the route into three geographic regions (southwest, west […]

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Top 10 day trips in Malta

Abigail Blasi Lonely Planet author

Valletta is a treasure trove of historic architecture.

Malta may only measure a compact 27km by 14km, but the tiny island nation is crammed with splendid sights, from 5000-year-old temples to spine-tinglingly beautiful lagoons and rock formations. Malta’s size makes it a breeze to get around, so it’s possible to base yourself in one place and visit all the top attractions as a […]

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On the trail of Mexico’s best-kept secrets

Adam McCulloch Lonely Planet author

The train ride through Copper Canyon (Barranco del Cobre) offers wonderful views. Image by Justin Vidamo / CC BY 2.0

Venture beyond the seaside margaritas to discover Mexico’s best kept secrets.

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