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Alderney, Sark and Herm: exploring the lesser-known Channel Islands

James Kay Lonely Planet author

The rocky outcrops to the west of Alderney are home to a staggering 11,000 northern gannets, around 2% of the world population. Image courtesy of Martin Batt / Alderney Living Islands.

How much adventure can you fit into a few square miles? When it comes to the least explored islands of the English Channel, the answer is far more than you might think. Alderney, Sark and Herm share many of the traveller-pleasing traits of their bigger, better-known neighbours, Jersey and Guernsey: fine beaches and bays line their […]

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Is now a good time to visit Kenya’s coast?

Matt Phillips Lonely Planet author

Kitesurfing lessons in the shallows along Diani Beach, Kenya. Image by Matt Phillips / Lonely Planet

The white beaches and azure waters along Kenya’s coastline have long put smiles on visitors’ faces. There are fewer smiles today, but only because there are fewer faces – terrorist attacks in Nairobi, Mombasa and remote areas of the north coast have unfortunately had an impact on tourism everywhere. Yet most of the coast is […]

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Lonely Planet’s Best in Europe 2014

admin Lonely Planet author

Santorini Greece affordable budget

Are you packing your bags for Europe this summer, or still just fantasizing about it? Either way, you’ll be spoiled for choice when you cast your eyes over our irresistible expert picks. While our Best in Travel 2014 already touted Paris’ urban renaissance, Scotland’s many events, and Yorkshire’s charms along with other countries, cities and […]

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Ten ways to spend summer in Italy

admin Lonely Planet author

Image by Matt Munro / Lonely Planet Traveller

It’s the season to enjoy la dolce vita, whether driving the Amalfi Coast, watching the sunrise in Venice or tracking down the best gelato in Sicily. Straight from Lonely Planet Traveller magazine’s new-look July edition, here are the best experiences under the Italian sun.  Image by Matt Munro / Lonely Planet Traveller 1. Take a stroll […]

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Top 10 Maui travel experiences

Ned Friary Lonely Planet author

Admit it – you’re grinning already, even before you step on the plane. It starts with the idea of Maui… the anticipation. With the abundance of white beaches, waterfalls, and waves, what is there not to love? With all this island has to offer, you may be wondering where to start – never fear we got […]

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An island of sweet surprises: Maui for honeymooners

Rachel Berg Lonely Planet author

  A Hawaiian honeymoon has all the storybook ingredients to make couples swoon: sherbet-colored sunsets, songbird serenades and palm-tree hammocks shimmying in the trade winds. But the island of Maui has more than a few surprises up its aloha-shirted sleeve, with something unique to offer every type of couple, be you food lovers, thrill-seekers or […]

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Eat like a local in the Algarve

Hannah Summers Lonely Planet author

Alongside sun-drenched beaches and historical villages, the Algarve region of Portugal is packed with choices for anyone with a passion for simple, lovingly prepared local food. The Algarve’s busy hotels and resorts offer an abundance of dining options, and the destination is dotted with impressively plush and Michelin-starred restaurants, such as Vila Joya (at Hotel […]

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Top 25 experiences in California

admin Lonely Planet author

Bixby Bridge, Pacific Coast Highway. Image by Jeff Keacher / CC BY-SA 2.0.

Everyone heads to the Golden State to find fame and fortune – but you can do better. Come for the landscape, stay for sensational meals, and glimpse the future in the making on America’s creative coast. Bixby Bridge, Pacific Coast Highway. Image by Jeff Keacher / CC BY-SA 2.0. 1. Pacific Coast Highway Make your […]

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The Hebrides: Scotland’s magical western islands

Andy Symington Lonely Planet author

Duart Castle on Mull emerges from the mist. Image by Gregory Heath / Moment / Getty Images

An emerald shore receding behind, a sea breeze in your face, a dolphin surfing the bow wave as escort. The magic begins as soon as you board the ferry from Scotland’s rugged west coast and head for the Hebrides, a scattering of over 50 inhabited islands that takes in the stirring mountainscapes of Skye and […]

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Croatia’s best music festivals for summer 2014

Anna Tyler Lonely Planet author

Sunbathers enjoying Carpe Diem beach at FOR Festival. Image by Bastien Lattanzio, courtesy of FOR Festival

Croatia’s music festival scene is flourishing, with exciting new events popping up each summer. A lovely natural setting is pretty much guaranteed, with idyllic beaches, lakes, meadows and forest clearings hosting crowds of delighted festivalgoers. There are plenty of unforgettable experiences to be had, from hip-hop greats playing in a Roman amphitheatre, to intimate boat […]

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