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Traveler Tips and Articles

One perfect day: 24 hours in New York City

Ali Lemer Lonely Planet author

Even if you only have one day, don't miss a walk through Central Park. Image by Patti McConville / Photographer's Choice / Getty

Twenty-four hours in New York is nowhere near enough, but if that’s all the time you’ve got, we’ve got a locally designed itinerary designed to help you make the most of every New York minute. Morning 8am – Start your day on the Upper West Side with a pilgrimage to the granddaddy of New York Jewish delicatessens: Zabar’s (Broadway & […]

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48 hours in Hobart

Charles Rawlings-Way Lonely Planet author

Shoppers at Salamanca market / Image by  Christian Kober / Getty Images

The naughty weekend away in Hobart has become de rigeur for mainland Australians and with 48 hours to play with you’ll get a true taste of this photogenic southern city. Hobart – Australia’s southern-most state capital and home to around 218,000 Tasmanians – has really come into its own in the last decade. This was once […]

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On the trail of the muskox in Greenland’s great wilderness

Anita Isalska Lonely Planet author

Wilderness guide Jens-Pavis Brandt scours the landscape for the elusive muskox. Image by Anita Isalska / Lonely Planet

My legs are starting to go numb, but I daren’t move. I’m crouching behind a lichen-splattered rock in one of the world’s last great wildernesses, western Greenland, fighting the urge to swat a cloud of mosquitoes. My every wobble risks causing a distant muskox to bolt – and I’ve walked for hours to see these beasts […]

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How to tip like a New Yorker

Regis St. Louis Lonely Planet author

Wait staff in New York commonly earn less than $5 an hour before tips. Image by Steve Debenport / E+ / Getty

Tipping plays a small but pivotal role in so many NYC experiences, from ordering a drink at a bar to taking a taxi across town. Knowing when to tip and how much can seem like picking your way through a minefield in this service-oriented town. Before you set off for New York City (or anywhere […]

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Know your gompas: a Lonely Planet guide to Tibetan Buddhist monasteries

Joe Bindloss Lonely Planet author

Whitewashed monastic buildings at Thiksey Gompa, Ladakh. Image by Saad Faruque / CC BY 2.0.

One of the most surprising things about the Himalaya is how this desolate, almost monochrome landscape has produced so much vivid colour. From Kathmandu to Dharamsala and Lhasa to Ladakh, Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, or gompas, guard a treasure trove of religious art, executed in an almost hallucinogenic palette of pigments and dyes. Behind the whitewashed […]

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Fiji for first-timers: how to choose an island

Celeste Brash Lonely Planet author

Snorkelling in the Yasawa islands / Image by Marco Simoni / Getty Images

Fiji is blessed with so much turquoise water, white sand beaches, jungle rivers and authentic culture that it almost seems unfair. Whether you’re looking for a decadent resort, family getaway or backpacker adventure, these islands have it all. Wherever you go, expect the warmest welcomes the world has to offer. But there isn’t just one […]

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A perfect day in Toronto

Lonely Planet Lonely Planet author

The sublime exterior of Toronto's Hockey Hall of Fame. Image by Ian Muttoo / CC BY-SA 2.0

Facing off against New York State, far across the slate-grey waters of Lake Ontario, Toronto walks the line between American cultural osmosis and staunch Canadian independence. Masters of this balancing act, Torontonians shift between both worlds with verve, tolerance and open-mindedness. Spend a day here and you’ll soon discover that, like these paired cultures, the essential highlights of ‘T.O.’ are both self-evident and subtle.

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On the trail of Mexico’s best-kept secrets

Adam McCulloch Lonely Planet author

The train ride through Copper Canyon (Barranco del Cobre) offers wonderful views. Image by Justin Vidamo / CC BY 2.0

Venture beyond the seaside margaritas to discover Mexico’s best kept secrets.

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Colorado’s best scenic drives

Adam Skolnick Lonely Planet author

Take a detour: Trailheads to Mt Ebert are easily accessible from this route. Image by Greg Willis / CC BY-SA 2.0

Colorado has 25 nationally designated Scenic & Historic Byways, and a number of mind-blowing drives that didn’t make the list, but should definitely make yours. Some will take all day and have you discussing the blows of history and time; others are short hops to lonely mountain passes that are sure to leave you speechless and […]

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Ottoman houses and Roman ruins in historic Antalya

Jo Cooke Lonely Planet author

Hadrian's Gate, the entrance to Antalya's old town. Image by Forrestal_PL / CC BY-SA 2.0

The largest city on the western Mediterranean coast, Antalya is modern and largely affluent, comprised of high-rises, and busy shops and businesses. However most visitors to the city itself, rather than the surrounding beach resorts, stay in the old district of Kaleiçi, a largely traffic-free area of narrow streets, old Ottoman houses and souvenir shops. This is a […]

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