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Lonely Planet review

The Quartier Habous, or nouvelle medina , is Morocco-lite - an idealised, almost toy-town, version of a traditional medina with neat little rows of streets and shop stalls. The district was built by the French in the 1930s as an attempted solution to the ongoing housing shortage. It marries the best of traditional Moroccan architecture with modern facilities and French ideals - even the mosque fronts onto a strip of grassy lawn just like a village church.

For fans of the bustle and chaos of traditional markets, it may feel too sanitised to be authentic, but if you fancy some Moroccan character without the associated smells and hassle, it's got a decent selection of bazaars, craft shops, bakeries and cafés. The Quartier Habous is located about 1km southeast of town. Take bus No 4 or 40 from Blvd de Paris, across from the post office.