Fukagawa Fudō-dō (Fukugawa Fudō Temple)

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Fukagawa Fudō-dō (Fukugawa Fudō Temple) information

Tokyo , Japan
1-17-13 Tomioka
Getting there
Train: Ōedo Line to Monzen-Nakachō, exit 1
admission free
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The history of this giant temple dates from 1703, as a subtemple of Shinshō-ji in the city of Narita (one of the head temples of Shingon Buddhism). The large wooden main image is Fudōmyō – a fierce-looking representation of Buddha’s determination. Nearby is a trippy prayer corridor with 9500 miniature Fudōmyō crystal statues. The 2nd floor has a gallery depicting all 88 temples of the 1400km pilgrimage route on the island of Shikoku; it is said that offering a prayer at each alcove has the same effect as visiting each temple. One of the best times to visit is around 3pm, when priests read Sutras in a thunder of taiko (drums) and fire.