Castel Sant'Elmo

Castel Sant'Elmo information

Naples , Italy
Via Tito Angelini 22
+390 81 578 40 30
Getting there
Metro: Vanvitelli
Funicular: Montesanto to Morghen
More information
adult/reduced €5/2.50
Opening hours
castle 8.30am-7.30pm Wed-Mon, last entry 6.30pm, museum 9am-6pm on the hour Wed-Mon
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This star-shaped castle was originally a church dedicated to St Erasmus. Some 400 years later, in 1349, Robert of Anjou turned it into a castle before Spanish viceroy Don Pedro de Toledo had it further fortified in 1538. Used as a military prison until the 1970s, it's now famed for its jaw-dropping panorama, and the Museo del Novecento , dedicated to 20th-century Neapolitan art.

The museum's collection of painting and sculpture documents major influences in the local art scene, including Futurism and the Nuclear Art movement. Standout works include Eugenio Viti's sensual La schiena (The Back) in Room 7, Raffaele Lippi's unnerving Le quattro giornate di Napoli (The Four Days of Naples) in Room 9, and Salvatore Cotugno's striking, untitled sculpture of a bound, wrapped, muted figure in Room 17. The latter strangely echoes Giuseppe Sanmartino's astounding Cristo velato (Veiled Christ), in the Cappella Sansevero .