Blarney Castle

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adult/child €12/5
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9am-7pm Mon-Sat, 9am-6pm Sun Jun-Aug, 9am-6.30pm Mon-Sat, 9am-6pm Sun May & Sep, 9am-6pm Mon-Sat, 9am-5pm Sun Oct-Apr
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If you need proof of the power of a good yarn, then join the queue to get into this 15th-century castle , one of Ireland's most inexplicably popular tourist attractions.

They're here, of course, to plant their lips on the Blarney Stone , a cliché that has entered every lexicon and tour route. The object of their affections is perched at the top of a steep climb up slippery spiral staircases. On the battlements, you bend backwards over a long, long drop (with safety grill and attendant to prevent tragedy) to kiss the stone; as your shirt rides up, coach loads of onlookers stare up your nose. Once you're upright, don't forget to admire the stunning views before descending. Try not to think of the local lore about all the fluids that drench the stone other than saliva. Better yet, just don't do it.

The custom of kissing the stone (which supposedly gives one the gift of gab – if not other things) is a relatively modern one, but Blarney's association with smooth talking goes back a long time. Queen Elizabeth I is said to have invented the term 'to talk blarney' out of exasperation with Lord Blarney's ability to talk endlessly without ever actually agreeing to her demands.

Be warned: this place gets mobbed. If it all gets too much, vanish into the Rock Close , part of the beautiful and often ignored gardens . And a hint: Barryscourt Castle, east of Cork, is more impressive and much less crowded.

Blarney is 8km northwest of Cork and buses run frequently from Cork bus station (adult/child €3.30/2, 30 minutes).