King Sidabutar Grave

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Danau Toba , Indonesia
Samosir Island
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The Batak king who adopted Christianity is buried in Tomok village, 5km southeast of Tuk Tuk. The king’s image is carved on his tombstone, along with those of his bodyguard and Anteng Melila Senega, the woman the king is said to have loved for many years without fulfilment. The tomb is also decorated with carvings of singa (mythical creatures with grotesque three-horned heads and bulging eyes). To get here, look out for the small brown signpost shortly after you pass through Tomok.

Next to the king’s tomb is the tomb of the missionary who converted the tribe in the 19th century and an older Batak royal tomb, which souvenir vendors say is used as a multilingual fertility shrine for childless couples.

Very close by are some well-preserved traditional Batak houses.