Aquincum Museum

Aquincum Museum information

Budapest , Hungary
Street III Szentendrei út 139
+36 1 250 1650
Telephone 2
+36 1 430 1081
Getting there
bus 34 or 106
More information
summer adult/student & child/family 1200/960/2000Ft, winter 800/400/1600Ft
Opening hours
park 9am-6pm Tue-Sun May-Sep, to 5pm Tue-Sun 15-30 Apr & Oct, museum 10am-6pm Tue-Sun May-Sep, to 5pm Tue-Sun 15-30 Apr & Oct, to 4pm Nov–mid-Apr
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Lonely Planet review

The new purpose-built Aquincum Museum, on the western edge of what remains of the Roman civilian settlement, puts the ruins in perspective, with a vast collection of coins and wall paintings. Look out for the replica of a 3rd-century portable organ called a hydra (and the mosaic illustrating how it was played) and the mock-up of a Roman bath. Most of the big sculptures and stone sarcophagi are outside to the left of the old museum building or behind it in the lapidary. Across the road to the northwest, on Szentendrei út, is the Roman Civilian Amphitheatre , about half the size of the one reserved for the military. Much is left to the imagination, but you can still see the small cubicles where lions were kept and the ‘Gate of Death’ to the west through which slain gladiators were carried.