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Getting there & away



There are occasional boats to and from Cotonou (Benin), São Tomé & Príncipe and Cameroon. Expect long, uncomfortable journeys. Ask for details at the Maritime Express office on Port Môle in Libreville.

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Travellers to and from Cameroon cross at the Ntem River between Bitam (Gabon) and Ambam (Cameroon). From the town of Ebolowa in Cameroon there’s a regular bus service to Yaoundé and Douala. Visas can be purchased at the border.


Before heading out to any Congo crossing ask locally about the conditions and reliability of cross points and transport beyond the Gabonese border.

The main crossing to Congo is between N’Dendé (Gabon) and Doussala (Congo), from where you head to Loubomo to connect with the Pointe-Noire to Brazzaville railway.

The border with Congo in eastern Gabon is easily crossable; you can sometimes cross without having papers checked. But don’t get caught on the other side sans visa! Crossings in the east include Léconi (near Franceville) and Mékambo (past Makokou; visas might be purchased there). Keep in mind that the areas in western Congo can often be a no-man’s-land.

Equatorial Guinea

Crossings can be done at Cocobeach (Gabon) by pirogue to Cogo and Acalyong (Equatorial Guinea), and via Oyem and Bitam (Gabon) to either Mongomo or Ebebiyin (Equatorial Guinea). Taxis leave daily from all towns and the ride to Bata is around four hours with the new roads.

Be prepared for corrupt and suspicious officials. Secure a visa before attempting to cross or beware!

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Royal Air Maroc (www.royalairmaroc.com) flies from Paris (France) to Libreville with a stop in Casablanca (Morocco). Air France (www.airfrance.com) flies straight from Paris to Libreville. Libreville is also linked to most major cities in West and Central Africa by a rotating cast of regional airlines. Libreville’s Léon M’Ba Airport has flights to and from Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire), Brazzaville (Congo), Douala (Cameroon), Lagos (Nigeria), São Tomé town (São Tomé & Príncipe), Johannesburg (South Africa) and sometimes Malabo (Equatorial Guinea), among others.

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