Where to go in November

Fancy hitting the road in November? Check out these recommended places from Lonely Planet Magazine.

The Cotswolds, England

It might be chilly, but there's no better time for a stroll across some of England's finest countryside. The rolling hills of the Cotswolds, sprinkled with storybook villages such as Castle Coombe, and country pubs, are at their crisp best (cotswolds.com).

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The Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia

The beauty and vastness of the Great Barrier Reef has kept it ranked high on travel wish lists for decades. Cairns is the best place to book a diving expedition, and the lack of rain and the warm weather make November the optimum time to witness a true wonder of the natural world (cairnsdive.com.au).

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Umbria, Italy

Image by Jim Linwood

The olive lives at the heart of Italian culture. Helping Umbrian farmers to take in the harvest is a wonderful way to get under the skin of one of Italy's most beautiful (and productive) regions. Enjoy the fruits of your labours with some top-notch Italian cooking afterwards (cookinumbria.it).

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Florida, USA

Blighted by the risk of hurricanes for half the year, from November the Sunshine State kicks into gear. Enjoy the pleasures of a glide through the Everglades or the beauty of the Florida Keys (visitflorida.com).

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Where to avoid: West Africa

The Harmattan trade wind whips up a nasty, eye-watering dose of dust along the West African coast this month.