Museum of Modern Egyptian Art

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Cairo , Egypt
+20 2 2736 6667
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admission E£10
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10am-2pm & 5.30-10pm Tue-Sun
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This vast – perhaps too vast – collection of 20th- and 21st-century Egyptian art can be difficult to appreciate, given the cramped rooms, collected dust and lack of signage. Nonetheless, it’s a good place for a respite from Cairo’s din, as it’s set in the green, well-groomed Gezira Exhibition Grounds , across from the Cairo Opera House.

The museum’s prizes are all on the ground floor: Mahmoud Mukhtar’s deco- elegant bronze Bride of the Nile is here, along with Mahmoud Said’s painting Al Madina (The City, 1937). Though Said has a slew of kitschy imitators, he was one of the first artists to depict folk life in vivid colour, and he inspired Naguib Mahfouz to pursue his own career in writing. Throughout the museum are examples of how Western trends such as pop art have manifested themselves in Egypt – almost always with a much sharper social or political message.

Other Arts Venues

Elsewhere in the exhibition grounds, the Hanager Arts Centre and the Palace of Arts host rotating exhibits and performances.