Museum of Plzeň's Historical Underground

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Plzeň , Czech Republic
Perlová 4
+420 377 225 214
Opening hours
09:00-17:00 Tue-Sun Jul-Sep, Wed-Sun Apr-Jun, Oct & Nov
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The extraordinary Museum of Plzeň's Historical Underground is a web of passages under the town. The earliest were probably dug in the 14th century, perhaps for beer production or defence; the latest date from the 19th century. Of an estimated 11km excavated in the 1970s and '80s, some 500m is open to the public.

Plzeň's wealthier set used to have wells in their cellars. Overuse led to severe water shortages until a municipal water system was established in the 15th century. When wells dried up they were often filled with rubbish and buried; these have yielded an amazing trove of artefacts. The tunnels are dotted with exhibits of wooden water pumps, mining tools, pewter, pottery and, to the surprise of some historians, Czech glass dating back to the 14th century. A good English text is available, but bring extra clothing (it's a chilly 10°C); a torch (flashlight) will let you peer into the eeriest corners. The last tour is at 16:20.