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Macau , China
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A haven for pirates until the start of the 20th century, Coloane considerably larger than Taipa, is the only part of Macau that doesn't seem to be changing at a head-spinning rate, which is a relief.

All buses stop at the roundabout in Coloane Village on the western shore, which overlooks mainland China across the water. The main attraction in the village is the Chapel of St Francis Xavier , built in 1928 and which contains a relic of the saint's arm bone. The village has some interesting temples, including the Tam Kong Temple , where you'll find a dragon boat made of whale bone. To the north of the village on Estrada da Lai Chi Vun are photogenic old junk-building sheds , which have been the centre of a development-versus-preservation debate.

About 1.5km southeast of Coloane Village is Cheoc Van Beach ; while larger and more popular Hác Sá Beach lies to the northeast.

Atop Alto de Coloane (170m), the 20m-high A-Ma Statue represents the goddess who gave Macau its name. Hewn from white jade, it stands beside the enormous Tian Hou Temple that forms the core of the ultra-touristy A-Ma Cultural Village . A free shuttle runs every 30 minutes (9am to 6pm) from the ornamental gate on Estrada de Seac Pai Van.