Siberian Tiger Park

Lonely Planet review

At the Siberian Tiger Park, visitors get the chance to see one of the world’s rarest animals (and largest felines) close-up. This breeding centre and urban park is not the most edifying spectacle, however, with the tigers fenced in and visitors, who tour safari-style in buses, encouraged to buy (live!) chickens (¥60), ducks and even cows (¥2800) to throw to the animals. The feeding takes place during the ride around the park, so if you don’t think you can handle the spectacle (of cheering locals as much as well-fed tigers indifferently mauling their prey), consider not taking the ride.

The park is located roughly 15km north of the city. Bus routes seem to change yearly so ask at your hotel or hostel for the latest. A taxi from the city centre is ¥30 to ¥40 one way.