Fragrant Hills Park

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Běijīng , China
Getting there
subway Xiyuan or Yuanmingyuan, then
bus 331
summer/winter ¥10/5
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Lonely Planet review

The part of the Western Hills (Xīshān) closest to Běijīng is known as Fragrant Hills Park. It's at its prettiest (and busiest) in autumn, when the maple leaves saturate the hillsides in great splashes of crimson, but the hilly park is a great escape from town any time of year. You can scramble up the slopes to the top of Incense-Burner Peak (香炉峰; Xiānglú Fēng) or take the chairlift .

Near the north gate of Fragrant Hills Park is the excellent Azure Clouds Temple , which dates to the Yuan dynasty. The Sun Yatsen Memorial Hall contains a statue and a glass coffin donated by the USSR on the death of Sun Yatsen, while at the very back is the marble Vajra Throne Pagoda where Sun Yatsen was interred after he died, before his body was moved to its final resting place in Nánjīng. The Hall of Arhats contains 500 luóhàn statues.

To reach Fragrant Hills Park by public transport, take the subway to Běijīng Zoo station and then take fast bus 360; alternatively, you can take bus 318 from Píngguǒyuán underground station.