Běijīng Zoo & Běijīng Aquarium

Běijīng Zoo & Běijīng Aquarium information

Běijīng , China
137 Xizhimenwai Dajie
+86 6839 0274
Getting there
Subway: Běijīng Zoo
More information
admission Apr-Oct ¥15, Nov-Mar ¥10, panda house ¥5 extra, zoo & aquarium adult/child ¥130/70
Opening hours
7.30am-6pm Apr-Oct, 7.30am-5pm Nov-Mar
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Although not as pleasant as Shànghǎi’s green and wooded getaway, Běijīng Zoo is a relaxing spot for a wander among the trees, grass and willow-fringed lakes (it was once a royal garden), even if the creatures can be mere sideshows.

Zoologically speaking, the well-housed pandas are the prime diversions, especially if you are not en route to the Sìchuān wilds. The remaining menagerie remains cooped up in pitiful cages and enclosures, with the polar bears pinning their hopes on gaining admission to the excellent Běijīng Aquarium in the northeastern corner of the zoo. On view is an imaginative Amazon rainforest (complete with piranha), coral reefs, a shark aquarium and a marine mammal pavilion (which hosts lively aquatic animal displays). The ticket price to the aquarium includes entry to the zoo; you can buy this ticket at the zoo entrance.