Occheuteal Beach

Lonely Planet review

This 4km-long beach is by far Sihanoukville’s most popular. Sunset views and a string of mellow beach bars make it a great place for happy hour, but you’ll likely want to avoid it during the day, when it’s too busy with vendors, beggars and nuisances like jet skis. It also gets packed, especially at weekends, and it’s far from clean: note the rivulets of wastewater that flow from the shacks into the surf.

Escape the mayhem by walking down to the southern section of the beach, ultimately and ridiculously slated to become another exclusive Sokha resort (the company doesn't seem to have the funds to complete their existing projects, without building another mega-complex) but for now pretty empty.

A rocky strip at the northwestern end of Occheuteal has emerged as a happy, easy-going travellers’ hang-out known as Serendipity Beach . At the atmospheric resort bar-restaurants, waves lap just a few metres from the tables, providing a romantic backdrop, especially at sundown and in the evening.