Museu Afro-Brasileiro

Museu Afro-Brasileiro information

Salvador , Brazil
Terreiro de Jesus
+55 3283 5540
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adult/child R$6/3
Opening hours
9am-5pm Mon-Fri
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Holding one of Bahia’s most important collections, the Museu Afro-Brasileiro exhibits wood carvings, baskets, pottery and other artwork and crafts linking Brazilian and African artistic traditions. The highlight of the museum is a room lined with 27 huge, breathtaking carved wooden panels by Argentine-born Carybé, who is perhaps Salvador’s most renowned 20th-century fine artist.

The panels are stylized depictions of orixás (deities of the Afro-Brazilian religions), inlaid with shells and metals. There’s also a worthwhile exhibit of photography, sacred objects and ceremonial apparel demonstrating the African roots of Brazilian Candomblé. At the time of writing, the museum was closed on weekends, though it plans to start opening on Saturday, as well.