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Week 18: San Francisco

San Francisco (without its weather) is the city I'd love to live in the most if I ever moved away from home. The food, the BART, the chocolate, my favourite bakery and ice cream place, the house in the opening titles of Full House… I've been to San Francisco a few times now and every single time I go, I visit the park, sing the opening theme song and reminisce about Becky, Jesse, Michelle and Steph.

TV talk aside, I could keep gushing about how livable this place is but instead I'll recommend my favourite tour to do here - Alcatraz. It's a quick ferry trip out to the abandoned prison island (purchase tickets through the tour company) and from the moment you get to the island, you're entertained. You hear about the escape attempts, the riots and the living conditions. More amazingly, you get to hear most of it through an audio tour featuring the voices of ex-prisoners, guards or people who lived on the island. I'm not really doing it justice, so just do it - you'll have a ball.

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