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Week 10: Miami

Oh Will Smith, how your song portrayed my time in Miami so well in a music video…minus the girls dancing and Eva Mendes trying to pick me up in a car next to me.

Walking down one block it became fairly clear that by not wearing something with the word 'juicy' across my arse, I was out of place. It's strange to say this but Miami seemed to be a caricature (in the best way). I've never seen so many people working out, drinking mojitos at 11 in the morning or walking little dogs who seemed to be as blinged up as their owners. On paper, this sounds like one of the worst destinations a person would want to go, but against the backdrop of Ocean Drive's art deco architecture, this mixture just seems to work. It's something that everyone embraces.

I got the feeling that wherever someone was from, be it New York, Europe, or even Australia, once you hit Miami's sunny streets, you immediately adopt the Miami way of life. I even tried a mojito on my first day. Not being a big drinker, it tasted like death and looking around at the size of everyone's drinks (think the size of an average child's head), I figure to a drinker, it probably tastes great! It was hard for me to accept, but once I embraced the Miami way of life, I began to love it.

I paid money for this. I paid money for this.

Sooo retro. Sooo retro.

For eating? For eating?

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