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Week 5: Egypt

Well, I know this isn't the point of Egypt and I'll get on to how beautiful the remnants of ancient Egypt are, but I think I've fallen in love with Channel 2.

For those of you who haven't been to Egypt, Channel 2 is that channel you discover while you're travelling overseas in a country and get addicted to. Basically it plays two types of movies: one, the kind you've never heard of before featuring actors you know and two, movies you completely forgot existed. While waiting for planes, packing or getting over jetlag I have managed to watch a film called Cruel World with Edward Furlong (never ever watch this film) and the whole Terminator series. That's impressive. Okay, on to Egypt outside of my hotel rooms.

After travelling around Egypt for about a week I've got one word to describe the ancient Egyptians: egotistical. After you catch your breath looking at sites like Abu Simbel, Edfu Temple, Valley of the Kings or Kom Ombo, you step back and think about what these amazing buildings were for and then you realise...ego. Those crazy mofos were so obsessed with themselves and so terrified of death they built tombs we now know as pyramids, decorated walls with hieroglyphics of themselves partying with the gods and filled corridors in temples carved into stone mountains with statues of...them. To be fair, I'd probably do the same thing.

Climbed inside these mofos. Pretty impressive place to be buried. It's a spaceship.

My favorite site in Egypt so far - Abu Simbel belonged to Ramses II. The bloke apparently had 50 or so wives. Playyaaaaa. Respect.

I think I liked Abu Simbel so much because of Ramses II. The guy filled the corridors with statues of him at different ages. I like to think he took the ladies there and went, "and that one there... that's me! And that one there? That's me too!" Ramses II forever.

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The land that gave birth to the first great civilisation needs little introduction. The pyramids, the minarets, the Nile - the scope of Egypt is magnificent.

Visitors are surprised to discover that those legendary pyramids are merely the tip of the archaeological iceberg. Pharaonic nations, ancient Greeks, Romans, Christians and Arab dynasties have all played their part in fashioning Egypt's embarrassment of architectural wealth.