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Lost in translation, or a watersports call-to-arms? Image by Ajay Tallam / CC BY-SA 2.0   You’re feasting on local food, immersing yourself in a new culture, so it makes sense to try out the lingo. But it only takes a few slips of the tongue to mumble nonsense or insult the locals… We asked our fans …

By Seb Neylan   11 July 2014 2:09pm Europe/London
Behind the scenes • Community • Other • Thorn Tree

Meet a traveller: globetrotting Thorn Tree member Alex Banks, AKA Fwoggie

When we asked our moderation team to nominate a member of our online community to feature on Lonely Planet’s blog, they suggested fwoggie. We’re blown away by this traveller’s patience and diligence in organising extensive itineraries for complete …

By Jane Atkin   9 June 2014 9:41am Europe/London
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Meet a traveller: Emma Sparks, Lonely Planet’s social media coordinator

Nothing tweaks our wanderlust quite like hearing about the adventurous aspirations and favourite destinations of other travellers. So in our Meet a Traveller series we’re catching up with our staff, authors and online community to …

By admin   3 April 2014 4:51pm Europe/London
Pimientos de Padron

Want a taste of the world’s best spicy food?

Can’t handle the heat? Then it may be wise to get out of the kitchen, as our latest book shows you exactly how to create the world’s most scorchingly delicious dishes. To celebrate the release …

By Emma Sparks   20 March 2014 5:06pm Europe/London
National Civil Rights Museum, housed in the Lorraine Motel, where Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. Getty Images/Lonely Planet Images.

Celebrating Civil Rights on the road

Every January in the US, the nation comes together in celebration of American Civil Rights Movement leader Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday. In honor of his life and the freedoms he inspired, Lonely Planet is …

By Emily K Wolman   15 January 2014 2:44am Europe/London
Jessica, Marisol and Richard, three of Makabata Guesthouse & Cafe's Social Enterprise Youth Associates, at work. Image by Ericsson Agujar / courtesy of Bahay Tuluyan.

Guesthouse with a heart: visiting a social enterprise in the Philippines

Lonely Planet co-founder Tony Wheeler reports from the Makabata Guesthouse & Café, a social enterprise in the Philippines, and shares his favourite accommodation picks for socially conscious travellers. A holiday to the Philippines probably doesn’t …

By Tony Wheeler   24 December 2013 2:12am Europe/London
Community • Other • Thorn Tree

Thorn Tree: tell us what you think survey, 2013

We’re proud of the fact that we host one of the oldest and most diverse online travel communities. Whether you want recommendations on beaches in Albania or road trips in Ethiopia, you can find the …

By admin   20 December 2013 3:45am Europe/London

All Lonely Planet ebooks for $10

Promo code: HAPPY10 A Lonely Planet/PayPal partnership At Lonely Planet we’ve got travel expertise on tap. Save up to 65% on the print RRP. Portable, convenient, and environmentally friendly, Lonely Planet ebooks make business and …

By admin   12 December 2013 8:56pm Europe/London

Not so secret Santa promotion

Thanks for entering Lonely Planet’s Not So Secret Santa promotion.  Here’s some important stuff you should know. Who’s running the show? The promoter is Lonely Planet Publications Pty Limited (ABN 36 005 607 983) of …

By admin   30 November 2013 4:11am Europe/London
Lake Dove and Cradle Mountain. Image c/o Tourism Tasmania & Andrew McIntosh, Ocean Photography.

Team Lonely Planet at the Mark Webber Tasmania Challenge

In 1000 Ultimate Adventures, Lonely Planet’s third book in the 1000 Ultimate… series, we list the Mark Webber Tasmania Challenge in Australia as one of the world’s best adventure races. This epic, multi-day, multi-discipline race is Aussie Formula 1 driver …

By admin   26 November 2013 10:50pm Europe/London