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Lonely Planet’s Destination Editor Brana Vladisavljevic visited Macedonia on a Balkans road trip. She discovered the beauties of Ohrid and Skopje, went on outdoors adventures, enjoyed the cuisine and admired some little-known historic sites. [<a href="//storify.com/branavl/macedonia" target="_blank">View the story "Road trip: mixing it up in Macedonia" on Storify</a>] Follow @branavl for travel news from Macedonia, and look out for Lonely Planet’s Eastern Europe guide, out next …

By Brana Vladisavljevic   27 October 2014 6:15pm Europe/London
Albanian goats. Image by Lonely Planet

Storify: Albania road trip in pictures

Lonely Planet’s Destination Editor Brana Vladisavljevic visited Albania on a Balkans road trip. She enjoyed the country’s many attractions for travellers, from outdoors activities to cultural heritage. [View the story "Road trip: chasing adventure in Albania" on Storify] Follow @branavl for travel news from …

By Brana Vladisavljevic   27 October 2014 5:39pm Europe/London
Ceiling at a Bektashi tekke in Kosovo. Image by Lonely Planet

Storify: Kosovo road trip in pictures

Lonely Planet’s Destination Editor Brana Vladisavljevic visited Kosovo on a Balkans road trip. She explored Pristina, Gjakova and Prizren, rural homestays, outdoors activities and historic sites of Dečani and Novo Brdo. [<a href=”//storify.com/branavl/my-kosovo-adventure” target=”_blank”>View the story “Road trip: catching up …

By Brana Vladisavljevic   27 October 2014 5:38pm Europe/London
Image by Matt Munro/Lonely Planet Traveller Magazine

#LPChat: eating your way around the world

We recently joined forces with food blogger Niamh Shields and Tourism Ireland on Twitter to talk about a subject that’s often very close to a traveller’s heart: food. From fine dining to street-side snacks, you brought …

By Emma Sparks   8 October 2014 12:50pm Europe/London
Kurdish mountain scenery. Image by Helen Elfer / Lonely planet
Behind the scenes

Storify: Iraqi Kurdistan in pictures

Lakes, canyons and ancient cities – see the Iraqi Kurdistan behind the conflict headlines, as discovered by LP’s Iraq author Sofia Barbarani. [View the story "Lonely Planet on the road in Iraqi Kurdistan" on Storify] Visit Lonely …

By Helen Elfer   7 October 2014 12:27pm Europe/London
dino hunter

Lonely Planet Kids: design a dinosaur competition

As travellers, when we’re not out exploring the world, we’re imagining our next adventure. And when it comes to imagination, kids have got it sussed. To celebrate the launch of our new site, lonelyplanetkids.com – home …

By Emma Sparks   1 October 2014 9:34am Europe/London
#LPChat world food

Join our world food chat on Twitter at #LPChat

There are many ways to explore a destination, but we all know the best way to get to know a place is through stuffing your face, right? Join our #lpchat on world food on Wednesday, 1 October …

By Emma Sparks   29 September 2014 2:53pm Europe/London
Picnic à la Paris. Image by Bruno De Hogues/ Photographer's Choice/ Getty
Behind the scenes • Community • Other

Opinion: Parisian picnics beat restaurants every time

If Paris is the world’s foodie capital, then why is it so hard to find a great restaurant there? Stick to picnics and you’ll eat much better, says Lonely Planet editor Helen Elfer. Picnic à …

By Helen Elfer   19 September 2014 4:00pm Europe/London

We asked you: do you remember your first flight?

Image by Hide/Flickr CC2.0 As travellers, the likelihood is you’ve experienced your fair share of flights. It’s also likely that the magic of soaring through the skies has worn off slightly over the years, leaving …

By Emma Sparks   9 September 2014 9:19am Europe/London
Dawn breaks after a traumatic final night at sea for James Kay and his wife in Indonesia, the scene of a recent shipwreck. Image by James Kay / Lonely Planet
Behind the scenes • Other

Opinion: there’s no such thing as risk-free travel

Lonely Planet editor James Kay recalls his own drama at sea after a tourist boat sinks in Indonesia. There but for the grace of God go I, as the proverb says. That’s what went through my …

By James Kay   21 August 2014 2:59pm Europe/London