YOUR top 10 countries for 2010

A couple of weeks ago, we published our list of hot destinations for 2010.

You sure had a lot to say! From heartfelt agreement to outrage, your comments were insightful and savvy.

Some people were furious that we had recommended such 'mainstream' destinations as Germany and the USA, noting that they were looking for more off-the-beaten-track places. (To that we'll respond by saying that it wasn't our intention to discover 'new' countries for next year - it's a list of destinations we believe will be particularly popular in 2010.)

Others were disappointed not to see such perennially popular nations as Italy and Vietnam.

We thought that the responses were so good that they warranted their own list. So we're proud to reflect back to you the destinations YOU thought would be hot next year.

1. South Africa - our most glaring omission, according to several respondents, as it will host the football/soccer World Cup in 2010.

2. India - an ever-popular destination, vast and diverse.

3. Colombia - a still-undiscovered jewel of South America, according to a few.

4. Jordan - friendly, accessible and lots of fun.

5. Italy - lots of folks love this travel mainstay.

6. Panama - a rising star of Central America.

7. China - for the people, the geography, the beauty and the diversity.

8. Cuba - still an 'alternative' destination, partly because of the American embargo.

9. Costa Rica - an environmental paradise in the Americas.

10. Kyrgyzstan - the most underrated of the Central Asian nations.