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Art and culture

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Tea-time ceremony, Kyoto, Japan

Story behind the picture

“The sound of rustling silk filled the air as the geisha of Kamishichiken, Kyoto’s oldest traditional entertainment district, appeared in a rainbow of luxurious silk kimono, ready to deliver tea to guests. A young maiko, or apprentice geisha, kneeled before me, bowing her head before carefully placing a cup of frothy green tea in front of me. I clumsily bowed back before catching my breath, grabbing my camera and taking this shot. The ethereal beauty of the maiko, the bitter taste of the tea and the meditative quality of the ceremony made me feel like I was experiencing a part of Japan that had remained unchanged for centuries.” We’d love to include your best new travel photos (at 300dpi) and the inspiring stories behind them. Send them with a pic of yourself to postcards@lptraveller.co.uk