Must-see attractions in Dong Van

  • Dong Van market meets once a week on Sunday morning, where many ethnic groups gather.

    Dong Van Market

    Dong Van

    Once a week, local villagers from the surrounding hills, including the Hmong, Tay, Nung and Hoa ethnic groups, flood into Dong Van for the Sunday market…

  • Lung Cam Cultural Tourist Village

    Dong Van

    Located in the narrow, incredibly picturesque Sung La Valley is the village of Lung Cam. Deemed a 'cultural tourist village' by the local authorities, the…

  • Lung Cu

    Dong Van

    Around 25km north of Dong Van and just a few kilometres from the Chinese border, Lung Cu is a massive flag tower erected in 2010 to mark the northernmost…

  • French Fort

    Dong Van

    At the top of the karst peak that overlooks central Dong Van are the dramatic ruins of a French fort. It's possible to scale the peak, using the path that…

  • Old Quarter

    Dong Van

    At the northern end of P Co, just past the old market plaza, a narrow lane, backed by a limestone cliff, meanders into the compact old quarter of Dong Van…

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