Must-see shopping in Hoi An

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    Rue des Arts

    This initiative focuses attention on Ð Phan Boi Chau, east of Ð Hoang Dieu, as a dedicated arts street with galleries, museums and cafes housed mainly in…

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    Reaching Out

    This excellent fair-trade gift shop stocks good-quality silk scarves, clothes, jewellery, hand-painted Vietnamese hats, handmade toys and teddy bears. The…

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    Villagecraft Planet

    Shop here for intriguing and colourful homemade homewares and fashion, typically employing natural hemp, indigo dye and beeswax-stencilled batik, and…

  • March Gallery

    Owned by Yorkshire expat artist Bridget March, this gallery showcases her work – poignant watercolours, whimsical sketches and abstract works – and a…

  • Metiseko

    Winners of a sustainable-development award, this eco-minded store stocks gorgeous clothing (including kids' wear), accessories, and homewares such as…

  • Pheva Chocolate

    Excellent artisan chocolate crafted from organic and free-trade cacao from Vietnam's southern Ben Tre province. The dark chocolate spiked with Phu Quoc…

  • Couleurs D'Asie Gallery

    Superb and entrancing images for sale of Vietnam, Asia and Cuba by Hoi An–based photographer Réhahn. His portraits of the various peoples of Vietnam are…

  • Friendly Shop

    One of a number of Hoi An's (better) tailors, it also specialises in making shoes and bags.

  • Yaly

    Hoi An is bursting at the seams with tailors; get something made to order at this popular shop offering some of the best service, with three branches…

  • Lotus Jewellery

    Lotus has very affordable and attractive hand-crafted pieces loosely modelled on butterflies, dragonflies, Vietnamese sampans, conical hats and Chinese…

  • Avana

    Stylish boutique run by a European fashion designer that stocks fab off-the-peg dresses, blouses, shoes and accessories (including great hats and bags).

  • A Dong Silk

    Hoi An is bustling with tailors; get something made up to order here. Traveller feedback is very positive. A Dong Silk has three branches in town.

  • Tuoi Ngoc

    One of the older shops in town, this family-owned business has been making Chinese-style lanterns for generations.

  • Hoang Kim

    A well-established Hoi An tailor that receives excellent feedback from customers.

  • Kimmy

    Owned by Vietnamese-Canadians, with an excellent website for online orders.

  • Randy’s Book Xchange

    Head to Cam Nam Island and take the first right to get to this two-floor bookshop. Set up like a personal library, it has stacks and rows of used (largely…