Must see attractions in Vietnam

  • D
    Duong Beach

    Just beyond Hon Chong, a headland road hugs grubby Duong Beach for 3km, passing a Khmer temple. The sparse karst rock formations in the sea are unusual,…

  • M
    Mac Cuu Family Tombs

    Not far from town are the Mac Cuu Family Tombs, known locally as Nui Lang, the Hill of the Tombs. Mac Cuu, a Khmer-appointed 18th-century Chinese governor…

  • N
    Ngoc Tien Monastery

    From Ha Tien’s riverfront, this Buddhist monastery is a striking sight – sprawling up the hill on the other side of the river. The buildings themselves…

  • T
    Ton Duc Thang Museum

    If you're a scholar of Vietnamese history, you may wish to visit My Hoa Hung village on Tiger Island, birthplace and childhood home of Ho Chi Minh's…

  • C
    Con Thien Firebase

    Only one bunker remains of the US Marine Corps base that used to cover the three small hills here. In September 1967 Con Thien was besieged by the NVA,…

  • H
    Hon Mieu Aquarium

    Billed as an outdoor aquarium, it's actually more a fish-breeding farm where over 40 species of fish, crustacean and other marine creatures are raised…

  • K
    Kien Giang Museum

    Housed in an ornate gem of a French-colonial-era building, this museum's collection includes lots of war photos and some Oc-Eo artefacts and pottery. The…

  • P
    Phoenix Island Sanctuary

    This island sanctuary is a faded version of its former glory, but if you love kitsch, come for the model Apollo rocket inexplicably mixed among Buddhist…

  • C
    Camp Carroll

    Camp Carroll's colossal cannons used to shell targets as far away as Khe Sanh. All that remains now is a Vietnamese memorial. The turn-off to Camp Carroll…

  • S
    Statue of Lenin

    This statue of Russian Vladimir Lenin is located in a small park opposite the Vietnam Military History Museum. Ho Chi Minh met the communist revolutionary…

  • T
    Thap Rua

    Built in 1886, the ramshackle Thap Rua, on a tiny island in Hoan Kiem Lake, is topped with a red star on special occasions and is often used as an emblem…

  • C

    Many of the tombs of Spanish and French soldiers are below a chapel that’s located behind Tien Sa Port.