Must-see shopping in Tashkent

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    Abulkasim Medressa

    Close to the Oliy Majlis in Navoi Park, this medressa has been turned into an artisans’ school and workshop where local wood carvers, lacquerware makers,…

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    Tezykovka Bazaar

    The vast local flea market of Tezykovka Bazaar is also known as Yangiobod Market. This sombre sea of junk – ‘everything from hedgehogs to car parts’ as…

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    Human House

    This shop not only has carpets, skullcaps, suzani and textiles from various Uzbek provinces, but it also doubles as one of Tashkent’s most fashionable…

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    Chorsu Antiques

    There are several antique and musical instrument shops nestled here amid a row of hardware and baby cradle shops behind Chorsu Bazaar. Interesting finds…

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    Toshkent Univermagi

    It may not have the atmosphere of the bazaars, but for the best prices and a surprisingly good selection of silk scarves (US$7) and silk by the metre, try…

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    Mirobod Bazaar

    A fiesta of fruit bathing in the teal-green glow of its giant, octagonal flying saucer of a roof.

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    Oloy Bazaar

    Lacks the character of Chorsu, but locals say it has the best, if priciest, produce.

  • S
    Sharq Ziyokori

    Has simple maps of Tashkent, Uzbekistan and most provincial centres, plus better 1:450,000 maps of most provinces published by Ozbekiston Viloyatlari.

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    Rakhimov Ceramics Studio

    An impressive ceramics workshop that also functions as a museum and shop. You'll need to get someone to ring to arrange a visit.