Must-see restaurants in Logan Square & Fairmount

  • Whole Foods Market

    Logan Square & Fairmount

    Apart from being an excellent grocery store with plenty of prepared food to go, this flagship branch of Whole Foods includes a superb food court with…

  • Garden Restaurant

    Logan Square & Fairmount

    The Star Catering Group bring its usual professional touch to this appealing restaurant in the Barnes Foundation. There's a lovely garden view through…

  • Philly Flavors

    Logan Square & Fairmount

    You can’t mention Philadelphia foods without mentioning water ice, and Philly Flavors has some of the best in the city, with flavors like honeydew and…

  • Cosmic Cafe at Lloyd Hall

    Logan Square & Fairmount

    Where possible this Fairmount Park cafe cooks with ingredients from local farmers using sustainable farming practices. The location by the river and…

  • Trolley Car Cafe

    Logan Square & Fairmount

    The old brick building for a long-gone pool in the East Fairmount Park is home to this pleasant cafe with outdoor seating overlooking the Schuylkill River…

  • Sabrina's Cafe

    Logan Square & Fairmount

    This branch of the popular brunch cafe serves its filling egg, salad and comfort food dishes all the way through to dinner.

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