Kikaua Beach

Beach in Kaʻupulehu

Though obviously artificial (a thin layer of sand laid over concrete is hard on the feet), Kikaua Beach is also effortlessly beautiful. Palm trees do the whole sway in the breeze thing, the sand is white, and the completely protected cove that makes up the main swimming area is perfect for teaching keiki (children) to swim and snorkel. As a bonus, sea turtles frequently congregate nearby. Facilities include restrooms, outdoor showers and drinking water.

Public beach access is through a private country club and residential development. It's limited to 28 cars per day, so it never feels that crowded. To get here, turn makai (seaward) onto Kukiʻo Nui Rd near Mile 87 on Hwy 19. Drive to the security guardhouse and request a parking pass and directions to the beach.