Welcome to Parque Nacional Santa Teresa

The Capatacía (park headquarters), 1km east of Ruta 9, has an Antel phone office, a post office, a market, a bakery and a restaurant, along with a very small zoo and a plant conservatory.

The park’s star attraction, 4km north of park headquarters on Ruta 9, is the impressive hilltop Fortaleza de Santa Teresa, a fortress begun by the Portuguese in 1762 and finished by the Spaniards after they captured the site in 1793.

At the park’s northeastern corner is Cerro Verde, a coastal bluff providing important sea-turtle habitat. Directly opposite the park entrance, on the west side of Ruta 9, a 5km dead-end dirt road leads to Laguna Negra, a vast lagoon where flamingos, capybaras and other wildlife can be spotted.

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