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These days Berdychiv's Jewish community numbers only several hundred, but the city remains an important pilgrimage site for followers of revered Hasidic master Levi Yitzhak (1740–1810), who is buried in the town's remarkable Jewish cemetery. Berdychiv also has links to two great 19th-century literary figures: Joseph Conrad was born in Berdychiv (1857), and Honoré de Balzac (of all people) was married to Polish noblewoman Ewelina Hańska (1850) in the rose-tinted, neoclassical St Barbara Church, which bears a brass plaque celebrating the event.

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3-Day Kamianets-Podilskyi Small-Group Bus Tour from Kiev

Day 1 Kiev - Starokonstantyniv - Kamianets-Podilskyi Your 3-day trip will start with the hotel pick-up, once you meet your guide.  The first stop will be in a small town of Starokonstantyniv (280 km from Kiev). You will discover the ruins of the ancient watchtower and Holy Cross church with a miraculous face of the saints on one of its walls. Later, you’ll arrive in Kamianets-Podilskyi (139 km from Starokonstantyniv). After accommodation in your hotel, you will have a walking city tour with a local guide and discover Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle. You will see Cathedral of the Saint Peter and Paul, Smotrich River Canyon, the Turkish Minaret, the City Hall, Novoplanivskiy Bridge, St. Nicolas Armenian Church and St. Nikolas Dominican Cathedral. Overnight in Kamianets-Podilskyi. Day 2 Kamianets-Podilskyi - Khotyn - Malievtsi - Medzhybizh - Vinnytsya Following breakfast at your hotel and checkout, you will visit Khotyn Fortress (28 km from Kamianets-Podilskyi). You will explore a well-preserved territory of the Fortress, while your guide will tell you interesting facts from its history. You will enjoy a view of the Dniester River. Later, you will visit the town of Malievtsi, situated 82 km from Khotyn. Your guide will show you the Palace of Orlovskih and a beautiful park with waterfall. Our trip will continue and the next attraction will be Medzhybizh Fortress, located 94 km from Malievtsi, near the Southern Buh River. It is a well-preserved medieval fortress with a rich history. The final destination of the day is a cozy town of Vinnytsya. After accommodation in your hotel, you will enjoy and evening light and music show of the “Roshen” Fountain. This spectacular performance will surely impress you. Overnight in Vinnytsya. Day 3 Vinnytsya - Wehrwolf - Berdychiv - Love Island - Zhytomyr - Kiev After breakfast and checkout, you will discover Hitler’s Headquarter “Wehrwolf” (10 km from Vinnytsya). You will learn interesting facts about this military object of the World War II and see the remaining ruins of bunker. Then, you will arrive in a small town of Berdychiv (78 km from Werhwolf), where your guide will show you Discalced Carmelites Order Monastery, founded in 16th century. After that, you will see a picturesque Fisherman’s House on the Love Island in Stari Solotvin village (19 km from Berdychiv). It is a lovely attraction for taking pictures. The last city you are going to visit is Zhytomyr, located 30 km from Stari Solotvin, where you will see Gagarin Park and admire a view of the Teteriv River. After that, we’ll drive 140 km to Kiev. There will be some stops at the comfortable gas station, where you may have coffee or a snack. Once we arrive in Kiev, your driver will drop you off at your hotel.

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Private Tour to Vinnytsa from Kiev including Fountain Roshen Light Show

Enjoy a cheerful 2-day journey to Vinnystya from Kiev, travelling in comfort by a private car with a friendly guide. Vinnytsya, located 270 km from Kiev, is famous for its spectacular light and music Fountain Roshen, which is often compared to well-known Dubai Fountain and Fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas.Day 1 Kiev - Berdychiv - Wehrwolf - VinnytsyaThe tour starts with the pick-up from your hotel in Kiev. The distance from Kiev to Vinnytsa is 270 km and it will take you approximately 4 hours to get there. There will be several stops on the way and you will be able to see interesting places before we get to the final destination.A stunning Discalced Carmelites Order Monastery in Berdychiv, built in the far 17th century, will appear first on our way.  After that, you will have an opportunity to explore Hitler’s military headquarters Wehrwolf. It is an eminent reminder of the World War II located in 8 km from Vinnytsa. You will explore this place and guide will show you the ruins of the secret headquarters of Nazi leadership.Once you arrive to the final destination of the day, Vinnytsa, you will check in the hotel and have time to rest after the trip.The most fascinating and breathtaking attraction of Vinnytsa is waiting for you in the evening, when a spectacular show program of the Fountain Roshen starts. This gorgeous fountain is located on Southern Buh River and is the biggest light and music fountain in Europe.Along the daytime the fountain functions in a static way, but from 8:00 pm and till 10:00 pm the scenic evening show program starts. If you want to have good places to admire a miraculous audiovisual performance we recommend you to come earlier. Reaching up to 63 meters high the magical combination of lights, music and water jets will hypnotize you with its unrivalled beauty. This famous Vinnytsa attraction is a lifetime experience you can’t miss!Overnight in centrally located hotel in Vinnytsa.Day 2 Vinnytsya - Staryi Solotvin - Zhytomyr - KievAfter breakfast in the morning, you will start a return trip to Kiev. On a half way to Kiev, you will visit a small village of Staryi Solotvin and see its main attraction – Love Island with a Fisherman’s House. This tiny island is very popular among the travelers due to its fairytale and enchanted look.  Then, you will pass city of Zhytomyr and continue the trip to Kiev. Your driver will drop you off at your hotel in Kiev upon arrival.

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Honoré de Balzac in Berdychiv Private Tour from Kiev

Berdychiv is a provincial town of a hundred thousand inhabitants. At the same time, it is a cultural phenomenon worth studying, since in the nineteenth-century Ukraine it was looked upon as an embodiment of the very idea of provincialism. It is a town of several ethnic groups, each of which has contributed to the town's cultural makeup. A book published in Paris in 1884 about Russia and Ukraine (La Russie et les Russes. Kiev et Moscou, by Victor Tissot) gave more space to Berdychiv than to Kyiv or Moscow.The town of Berdychiv is believed to have been founded in the 11th or possibly even in the 10th century. The first settlers were, in all probability, the Berendey is, people of the steppe who defended the lands, ruled by Kyiv, against incursions of other nomads. The name Berdychiv is thought to have been given to the town by these Berendeyis. It’s good luck, some say that the town did not get named after the nearby river Hnylopyat (hnyl means putrid). The devastating Mongol invasion of the thirteenth century reduced the town to rubble. It was resurrected back to life only to come into possession of the Polish and Lithuanians. For a considerable stretch of time, beginning from 1320, the Tyszkevyches, a Polish noble family, had the town as their estate.In 1850, Honore de Balzac married Ewelina Hańska in Berdychiv at St. Barbara Church.